It’s NOT going to be pretty

‘I used to’
How many times do you hear yourself saying that?

‘I used to’ play squash
‘I used to’ play hockey
‘I used to’ do Judo
‘I used to’ be fit
‘I used to’ ride my bike everywhere
‘I used to’ circuit train 3 times a week
‘I used to’ walk
‘I used to’ be organised
‘I used to’ etc, etc, etc
(I really did ‘used to’ do all the above!)

Now all I hear myself saying is …
‘I would but’ ….
…… haven’t got time today
….. got to sort this out first
…… need a new bike bag (as if the bike won’t work without it!)
….. haven’t got time this week

I’m not saying that in the future I will not reuse any of the above excuses or think of others to kid myself with but for now I am…. FRONT WHEEL FORWARD ….
…and we’ll see how far I get up the slippery slope to success!

Jo Amess Tub of Lard It will be worth it

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