Fat really DOES weigh a lot

You would think I would feel more than slightly negative about weighing in at a hefty 13st 8.2lb taking into account I stand at the lofty height of 5ft 1.5”.

But no, I will take every positive I can from this weigh in (there aren’t many) only one =
Positive = I must be strong to carry all this weight?!

… the fact that my heart is probably pumping faster than it should,
my cholesterol levels (whatever they are) will be through the roof,
I am a prime candidate for diabetes (if I don’t already have it),
I am always tired
Can’t sleep
Can’t wake up
Can’t be bothered
Can’t concentrate
And a thousand and one other things that I probably have or will get if I don’t start living healthy.

There’s no point thinking about what should have been and what I should have done, it’s here and now that counts.

I’m not writing all this dribble down for anyone other than myself. It’s a record for me but if anyone does read it and you are positive, I thank you for your support. For the negative, insecure that read it it’s a good outlet for them to poke fun and ridicule (and there will be plenty) what I am doing but if it makes them feel good about themselves by being negative then again there is a positive outcome to writing this, plus whilst they are ridiculing me they hopefully won’t have time to pick on anyone else.
….soap box finished!

Sent a friend (Cz) the images of my weigh in, her reply … no it wasn’t ‘you weigh how much!’ or ‘you don’t weigh as much as I thought!’ NO none of those, it was …. You haven’t shaved your toes, if you had you might have weighed a pound less’ Now that’s a friend!

Breakfast: 2 Fried Eggs on 2 toast = Genius seeded bread, eggs cooked in extra virgin olive oil
Dinner: Ham, Egg Salad (not through choice it was free from venue I was working at) Bag plain Crisps
Tea: 2 Gluten Free Sausage with homemade chunky chips (not made by me) – 4 Gluten Free Oat cookies.
Hey don’t start shouting the odds about my food intake!! One step at a time. I am not running out and buying a load of ‘healthy’ foods. Granted it’s also the amount of food stuffed into my face in one day, ok portion control noted. As I need to shop I will shop more wisely.


2 thoughts on “Fat really DOES weigh a lot

  1. Hey girl, you are not alone. I’m 5ft 6in and 16st 4lb (last week it was 16st 1lb, dunno what I did wrong!) and I’ve taken to my bike when I get the chance. One thing I will say though, if you’re gonna fry your eggs, don’t do it in olive oil, keep that for salads and stuff, don’t cook with it under any circumstances as something nasty happens to it when it’s heated.
    Keep up the good work, I’ll be watching and egging you on
    Sam x

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