Planning & Plotting

Day 3

Today has been a day of setting out my goals, health checking my bike and booking myself a health check tomorrow to check I’m ‘fit to get fit’! – I know I would normally just clamber on the bike and away I go (or not) but since I have put myself out there I thought I had better do things properly and they always recommend a check up first.

Setting Challenges
Setting challenges that with hard work should be achievable goals will keep me on the right track and with every pedal turn will inch me closer to my ultimate goal of good health and wellbeing.

I have Strava app on my phone  so I can monitor my rides. I will do the same rides from time to time to measure my fitness progress.  (if you want to follow me I think you just type in Jo Amess and my round helmeted red face will pop up)

Putting it our there
A few people have commented saying they thought I was brave putting myself out there on social media … remember I paraded myself on national and international television highlighting how crap I am at business which was far more embarassing than sticking a few fat images and showing my weight on social media.

It it what it is, I am what I am (there’s a song in there!) obese, unhealthy and a glutton.
It’s not my hormones, I’m not big boned, it’s not my thyroid, I don’t have some undiagnosed ailment, simply …. I shovel far more in than I expend out … fact!

Healthy Bike
My trusty steed is in much better shape than me. ……And someone (I’m shouting now) owes me a new bike bag (finished shouting), mentioning no names ‘Jay’.

I always carry my go gadget tool, inner tube, repair kit and energy bars in a bike bag that fits under the seat BUT (shouting again) someone ‘borrowed’ my tool, didn’t fasten the bag back up, bike stored in leaking wooden shed where rats shelter, they smelt the energy bars (I make my own and put in plastic bags) so ate the whole content of the bag as well as taking big lumps out of the bag! (obviously they need to burn off excess energy after eating all the bars so started on the bag).

Jo Amess Rat eaten bike bag
Rat eaten Bike Bag

At one time I would have used this as an excuse not to ride (I know, pathetic!) but hey, shove stuff in my pockets and just hope I don’t puncture too far from home.

I have planned a few short rides of about 10-15 miles to start with. Haven’t been out on the bike since end September so nice and easy the first week.
Going to build the miles up and aiming to be feeling good by 20th March which is Sports Relief Day when I plan to do Wakefield Wheel 36 miles and make a donation to Sport Relief.

I would join one of Sport Relief organised rides but the nearest is Sheffield and I would rather donate the petrol money than travel.

……Onward ………..

Breakfast: 2 Fired Eggs on 2 Genius Seeded toast with soya butter
Dinner: Jacket Potato with soya butter, Tuna Mayo + 4 Oat cookies
Tea: Rice Pasta with Jar sauce with added Mince Meat, Onion, Mushrooms

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