HOW OLD!?!?!?!

Didn’t post yesterday as busy work day.

I did how ever have time to enjoy a lovely (well in some respects) consult with Emma of Herbalife. Emma is very kindly supporting me throughout my year of fitness.

Her visit, I must admit was a double edged sword. Emma has such a wonderful way about her approach to wellbeing. She is a mind of information but at the same time doesn’t bombard you with it all in one go.

We sat and had a lovely chat about my thoughts on fitness and wellbeing, my goals and how we would approach the coming year…lovely ….

Emma asked if I want her to record all my statistics?! (only if your tape measure is big enough!!)

Like I said before ‘I am what I am’ it doesn’t matter how you dress it up I’m still unhealthy and overweight so let’s get all the cards and the blubber on the table and go for the whole flabby truth and not but the flabby truth!

…not so lovely….. ‘flaming nora’! I know how unhealthy, how over weight and unfit I am but to really cap it all …..


Mortified!!! I have always joke that if my mother and I had to race for a bus she would beat me … my mother is 82!! I bet if she did these stats we would be the same body make up age of 64. Gutted. I’ve sulked all day.

• I weigh 2lbs more now than I did 4 days ago
          • I’m half fat (well practically)
          • I’m dehydrated
          • Bone Mass OK – yipeee
          • I’m solidly built with a large Obese frame
          • My visceral fat is BAD
          • If I eat 1556 calories or more per day I won’t lose weight
          • And my metabolic rate is that of a 64 year old

Well after that bomb shell we may as well go the whole hog (yummy Hog Roast!!!) and put all the measurements down as well.

• Chest 119cm
          • Tummy 108cm
          • Hips 121cm
          • Right Arms 33cm
          • Left Arms 33cm
          • Right Thigh 63cm
          • Left Thigh 64cm

I am a tub of lard.

Emma will be weighing and measuring me once a month but I will still do my weekly weigh ins.

It's not going to be pretty getting there but it will be worth it
Jo Amess with Emma of Herbalife with Christian Ronaldo CR7 Drink

After speaking with Emma and telling her that I plan to do a lot of cycling she recommended I try – Liftoff effervescent engery drink to give me a kick start before I set off and also CR7 Drive which you can drink during ride and is a great hypotonic drink ……. and if it’s good enough for Cristiano Ronaldo it’s good enough for me. (been made in conjunction with Ronaldo). I can’t give you any technical info on these products but Emma wil be more than happy to advise you on health and wellbeing with Herbalife. There’s a link here  ‘CLICK’ to Emma facebook page where you can contact her. Any problems just drop me a line.

If any of you guys want to do this with me please feel free to join in and message me. Especially any hints and tips you find useful on the way to a healthier lifestyle.

When I know how to do it I will but all the stats into a graph so it’s easy to refer to and monitor progress.

Thank you for reading

Below is the blubbery evidence:

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