Fatty Rides Again

Day 8

Fatty Rides Again

After a week of procrastination I finally hit the road today or rather hit every hill, slight (some might call it) incline, hump in the road and mountain. Perhaps I exaggerate with mountain bit as I only rode round Wakefield and to my knowledge there aren’t any mountains just bloody great big hills.

It was one of the hardest 10miles I have ever done. The first mile felt like 10, the second mile felt like 20. Most of the 10 mile I spent coughing, spitting and snotting (just like a true pro). I stopped twice thinking I was going to throw up but managed to keep hold of it (it took a lot of eating and this is one fatty doesn’t give up ANY of her food without a fight).

At 7.45pm tonight legs seem to have recovered ok but still coughing and have bit of an achy head.

Lovely pic of me on my return from first ride of 2016!  The face of determination or just knackered!?

Cycle challenge Jo Amess
10 mile cycle first of 2016 Jo Amess

I am slightly stunned at how quickly I have lost the little bit of fitness I had gained by last September. I thought I would find today hard but I genuinely didn’t think it would be this bad.

See today’s ride stats on Strava: www.strava.com/athletes/4956637

Note to self: It may have been a hard 10 miles but its 10 miles more than you did yesterday.

The start of my 200 a day

Use coconut oil instead of cooking oils (sunflower, olive oils) for cooking food. Coconut Oil has properties which help burn your body fat (I think this is right) ASK EMMA

FOOD 12th Jan 2016
Breakfast: Porridge with koko milk (coconut milk)
Dinner: 2 slices of Genius seeded bread Toasted with soya spread and
3 (I kid you not) eggs fried in coconut oil
Tea: Gluten free white pasta with gluten free cream sauce, bacon & peas
Snacks: 2 Handfuls of mixed nuts, currants and raisins
Orange (yes as in fruit!) Grapes (yes as in more fruit!)

At present I am just noting down main foods. Once I get into it or I see weight slowing down I will note in more detail quantities and ingredients. I feel my life ebbing away when I stand and read food labels so will try to avoid it. One way of doing this, eat whole foods as not as many come in packets and there’re not processed.

WEIGHT 12th Jan 2016
Weighed in with a 3.2lb loss so week one has gone I right direction.

Whatever you read on my blog are my opinions and thoughts. I am not medically trained in anything, I have minimal nutritional knowledge and a bit think all round really so PLEASE do not do what I do just because its written here. Use your noggin always seek advice from the people in the know, the professionals (and I am NOT one of them).

5 thoughts on “Fatty Rides Again

    1. Cheers Chez,
      Do I take it that your new ride has arrived????!!!!!
      Will be out on sunday with Big D if you want to make one in.
      Thanks Chezzy xxx


  1. kepp it up iv just recently started me cycling again since stoopin 4 months ago got on turbo now n then but the motivation weren’t there .. my first proper ride was last week and did 16 miles i felt alive n also half dead lol … keep at it lass im 15 stone n got 3 stone to lose so in same boat as yaself jo


    1. Hello Jo,
      Thank you very much for taking the time to get in touch and for your support.
      It’s brilliant you are back on the bike again doing a great 16 miles well done. You are right, it really does make you feel alive and dead at the same time. I always feel good the following day too. I am so chuffed for you Keep on Keeping on!!
      I have followed you on Strava so we can keep an eye on each other and have a bit of a competition if you are up for it.
      Cycle safe


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