My 200 A Day Habit

Day 9

My 200 a Day Habit

After yesterday’s huge shock to the system with my first ride of the year, reality struck and what an uphill battle I have getting fit for life. I am not stating this in a despondent manner merely telling myself, yep if you want to be fit and healthy it IS going to take time and effort.

Habits, good, bad, irritating, funny, we all have them. It’s weening out the bad habits, with regards to health and wellbeing and replacing them with positive ones, ones that will enhance our lives instead of hindering them.

Day one of my 200 a day habit … and that habit is going to be ……..
200 sit ups a day

Obviously being unfit and only just able to lift my head from the floor I have broken the 200 sit-ups down into four more manageable sets of 50 spaced throughout the day. Before breakfast, before dinner, before tea and before bed.

Next week I will introduce 200 of an opposing muscle exercise to keep the body balanced. (remember this is ME talking and I am not an expert or saying I am doing right so not do what I do, speak to an expert so you don’t hurt yourself).

If anyone with ‘the knowledge’ would like to advise please feel free, any help can only be of benefit.

Today I have been challenged to ride the Baildon Road Climb, B6151, starts out as Baildon Road, finishes at round about as Browgate. It’s just short of a mile from bottom to top. You can view it on Strava link Strava Baildon Road Climb   QOM (Queen of Mountain) time is 5.08 mins. Jay says I will do it in 20 mins if i’m lucky (can’t argue with him on that).

The question is do I go and do it now and see how I do, then try again next month to measure improvement
Give myself another couple of weeks training and then do it?? For those of you who actually read this blog let me know on facebook page please.

If anyone has a challenge for me let me know and I will give it VERY careful consideration! That’s what this year is all about chellenges so keep them coming.

Thanks for reading and for your support
Cycle safe
Jo x

5 thoughts on “My 200 A Day Habit

    1. Cheers Ginner, will do. Hope the knee is mending ok.
      Can I be a pain and ask you to comment this on fb. Just cos it helps and others then might comment more.
      Cheers buddy and don’t be moaning too much to AA = Angel Amanda!!!!!


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