Setting Goals & Challenges

Day 10

Setting Goals

I need to set goals, demanding, achievable, on the limit, beyond the limit and the downright ‘really’!

The only way to keep moving forward is to keep challenging myself. One of the hardest things I find is self motivation that’s the reason for putting all this blurb out there to shame myself into action.


  1. My Own: Ride 36 Mile Wakefield Wheel Cycle Route on Sunday 20th March
  2. My Own: Ride ‘the whole’ of 140 mile Coast 2 Coast Cycle Ride 28th-30th May
  3. My Own: CYCLE 100 Sportive by end of year
  4. My Own: Use a public loo without having to rest one cheek on the sanitary unit (will add image later)
  5. Challenged by Cath Rodkoff: 25 mile non-drop Ride from Nottinghan hosted by Kajsa Tylen
  6. My Own: To CYCLE bike without belly resting on my legs (it’s challenges like this fit people don’t know about!)
  7. Challenged by Liz Simpson: Cycle Baildon Road Climb: Strava
  8. My Own: To CYCLE 2016 miles in 2016 Strava cycle Goal
  9. My Own: To RUN 50 miles in 2016 Strava Run Goal

If anyone has any challenges for me shout up, all will be considered!

Off to make myself some winter cycling gloves out of a pair of marigolds and gardening gloves!!!

Thanks for reading
Cycle safe
Jo x

6 thoughts on “Setting Goals & Challenges

      1. Hello Debby,

        I now have a click button to sign up to my blog. It would be geat if you could sign up please.

        Best wishes and thank you
        Jo x


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