Fooling Yourself

Fooling Yourself

If you are trying to get fit, eat healthy and just generally feel better in yourself there is no point lying about what you have and haven’t done.

The only person you are fooling is YOU.

Those little verses we all say to ourselves, the ‘excuses’ verses which go something like this:
1. I don’t know why I haven’t lost weight this week I have tried so hard
2. Haven’t been able to exercise this week, been too busy at work
3. I ate sensible all week, it must have been that night out
4. I’ve done 200 sit-ups a day this week and I still have a thick middle
5. My back aches, my leg aches, my foots sore
6. It’s too cold to go for a ride/run
7. Haven’t got the right clothing/equipment

These are just a few off the top of my head and very obviously excuses I have or am using.

Let’s answer our own ‘excuse’ verses shall we: (remember I am NOT an expert these are my opinions)
1. You haven’t lost weight this week because you ‘haven’t tried’ and you know it!!
1a. You didn’t cut down your portion size
1b. You still had a bag of crisps at break time
1c. You still sat in front of tv snacking on a pack of biscuits

2. You haven’t exercise because you just could be bothered, the thought of actually sweating brought you out in one!
2a. The message in your head saying ‘I’ll start tomorrow’ could heard much
louder than the voice say ‘come on you can do this’
2b. Even in the comfort of your own home – you didn’t want to look an idiot
2c. The thought of being laughed at was too much to be able to put your trainers
on and try to run!

3. (add your own excuses)
4. You haven’t done 200 sit ups a day or done your gym ball work out or even just sat on the floor doing basic stretches and toning, WHY!
4a. Because I’ll start tomorrow
4b. Have to get changed into sports stuff, have to shower
4c. Haven’t got time day

The list goes on and if you look at the pathetic excuses I have put that is exactly what they are ‘EXCUSES’.

There is NO reason why I can’t do some form of exercise and eat healthy every day.
I told myself 200 sit ups a day broken down into 4 lots of 50, now even for me that is do able. I did it for the first few days and now, I do whenever, pathetic.

I do have to say that I am cutting down my food portions but still (within reason) eating what I want. One step at a time for me on that score. And that is it ONE STEP AT A TIME.

I can’t be told what to and what not to eat. All these ‘diets’, what a load of tosh. Overpriced over packaged, you can have this one day but not the next, you can only eat carbs, you can only eat protein, you can only get an ulcer worrying about if you are doing it right and what food day you are on, getting out your ready measure tray of unappetising food whilst cooking a family meal ….. a night mare and no way to live. In saying the above I do use Herbalife (ask Emma) sports and energy drinks because I want to!

Sensible eating and sensible exercise is the key to a healthy life style.

I know it all (well not all), been there done that and to an extent still doing it. Gluttony … Aaarghh I am a lazy glutton, or rather I was.

I know I will have to battle every day with self-motivation and self-control but I am not going to beat myself up over having an odd cake here and there or if I don’t exercise on a particular day. As long as I am sensible about what I shove in my mouth and as long I do take exercise whether that be walking to visit friends instead of taking the car then that is a ‘STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECT’ towards being healthier.

Little rant over.

Thank you for reading
Exercise safe and be healthy
Jo x

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