I’m not Water Proof!

Fair weather virgin NO MORE

I have ridden in rain before but only by default. I’ve never normally set off in it, too much of a procrastinator for that, I’ve just been unfortunate to get caught in it.

I have fitted panniers to my bike as a bit of a challenge.. to be revealed at later date.
There brill, got them in the sale at Wiggle. Each pannier even comes with its own little rain coat which I obviously put on since I didn’t want to dirty my new purchase.

NO, don’t be silly, I didn’t have anything IN the panniers, just the panniers, I’m not that daft! Don’t you think I carry enough weight with me on board!!!

After doing no exercise since last Monday I was determined to be out riding today. So with riding buddies Seppe and Dennis (who was on his first ride of the year) we set off to do about 20 miles.

It soon became apparent that I wasn’t water tight! My feet got colder and colder and wetter and wetter. My rain jacket… well it’s not even wind proof. I’ve had it for about 15 years and it has been through the washer more than once so I shouldn’t be surprised it’s on longer water proof.

My feet got so cold that I had to keep stopping to walk about to try and warm them up and get some feeling back in them.

I didn’t realise how UN-repellent my rain jacket was until I took it off to find my cycling jersey wetter than the jacket!!

I was bloody frozen! My feet were numb with 2 of my toes looking very blue. ‘Remember in all of this we only did a total of 17 miles’ and we had only done about 5 miles when I really started to suffer. I was so so cold we cut the ride short.

Strava Ride – 31st January 2015 – Fair weather virgin NO more

Kajsa – A year in the saddle I really don’t know how you do it day after day after day in ALL weathers. You are incredible!

My Shimano shoes are the ones with the netting fabric on top of the shoe so even splashes of water end up in there. (Great for fair weather riding!!)

Well I will just have to grin and bear it until the warmer drier weather arrives and in all honestly how many rainy rides will I do before summer arrives to make me complain about how hot it is!

If all else fails bin bag over jacket and 5p carrier bags on feet!!

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