What a complete idiot! Why, why, why, why WHY! Do I NEVER listen!!

Absolutely flaming annoyed!! So annoyed it’s only today I have calmed down enough to write about it. What a complete berk!!

Warm Up’s & Warm Down’s
What are they for? To prevent injury? YES!!!!
Even from school age you are taught how important it is to warm your muscles properly to prevent injury, so why would an unfit, unhealthy, just starting out on a year of fitness person completely ignore this most important and basic of instructions?…..because she is a complete and total IDIOT!!!!!! That’s why.

It started Sunday
Got extremely cold and wet on Sunday’s ride. Got straight off the bike, into the shower then wrapped up with plenty of layers to defrost. What I didn’t do was any warm down stretches or anything. I snuggled down and sat at a desk for about 4 hours straight after ride. NOT GOOD!

Monday much the same
I still felt cold on Monday so again layered up and got on with my working day. Monday evening went to fitness class and guess what, yep…… pulled my calf!!! My fault and my fault alone. Didn’t warm up enough, didn’t do any stretching, didn’t do what I should have done and now I will have to pay for it.

What a complete idiot!! I am fuming with myself. Now it’s going to be weeks for it to be back to normal (if I can ever consider myself to be normal). Aaarghhhhh, fuming is an understatement.

Calf issues
I do seem to ‘tweak’ my calves a lot. September 2014 I torn my calf very badly. I walked a mile to the badminton court. Did about 5-10 mins warm up then began to play. After about 10 mins I dropped to the floor like a sack of spuds. It felt like someone had run up behind me and kicked me in the back of the leg. Pain!!!…… I’m not a softie but blinking heck I was so near to tears I had to laugh.

BUT it will be worth it Jo Amess
Torn calf muscle Jo Amess

To scour internet sites such as Total Women’s Cycling , Cycling Weekly and the like to put myself together a dedicated calf exercise plan as well as a proper warm up and warm down plan.

I would definitely not advise learning the hard way like me with regards to PROPER warm up & warm downs.


Thank you for reading
Cycle safe and WARM UP!!
Jo x

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