CHALLENGED! I will be!!

CHALLENGED! I will be!!

Yesterday I was challenged by Chris Johnson to sign up and RUN Wakefield Hospice 10k on Sunday 3rd April 2016.

I have taken on her challenge and signed up, Aaaargh!!

As you know I don’t do much of anything energetic and I definitely don’t do running!! So why take on the challenge ….. well, exactly that reason …. The challenge. Improve, push, challenge, these are all encouraging terms to better myself, my health and my fitness to aid a better quality of life.

Wakefield Hospice 10k run Jo Amess
My new best friends Jo Amess

Whilst still feeling sorry for myself with my tweaky calves and knees I happened upon a brilliant book the other day.
Anatomy of Cycling by Jennifer Laurita. It’s a fabulous ‘A guide to strength, stability & conditioning’. Just what I need. It’s easy to understand and read and with illustrations all the way through and explanations of which muscle groups you are using and what function they perform it’s a must have asset to cycling.

Been stretching all day today with a view to either a brisk walk or short gently ride to try out the knees and calves tomorrow. It’s amazing how stretching has made me feel so much looser in my joints and movement. …get the book, it’s ACE!!

Better get myself booked in with Chris for some run training. She may have to start with the very basics such as HOW to run!! (should have got Anatomy of Running too!!!)

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