And… STretCH!

And… STretCH!

Determined NOT to tweek, pull or tare any more muscles especially the calves, I stretched out for about half hour this morning ready for my brisk walk/joggy thing in afternoon.

I have also, since I have put weight ON, decided that I will document every single morsel that I shovel into my gaping mouth.

I can make excuses for the weight gain BUT I will NOT. Gain is gain and even though my very kind sister suggested that it could be muscle gain (bless her) I know for a fact it isn’t.

I seem to be able to talk a good work out and fitness plan but actually putting it into action I am finding a little more difficult. Heyho I suppose as long as I keep trying, doing something is better than doing nothing.

Cycling Theory
And now this running malarkey!? What have I done!!!!! Blinking nora, I bike because my theory is that the bike helps me carry some of my weight. What am I going to do about this running stuff? Put my belly in a shopping trolley and push it alongside me!!!!!!

……Aaaargh!!!!!!!!!! NOTAGAIN!!!!! Bl**dy, Bl**dy H*ll !!!!!!
Stretched calves out again before setting off on first run (walky, joggy, run). It was going better than I thought it would. Calves not tight and jogged the furthest I can ever remember jogging without stopping. I know it wasn’t that far but it was epic for me, small and steady steps and all that.

…Then disaster … Did about 1.5 mile then whilst in jogging mode I felt the all telling pull and pain in calf. ROLLOCKS!!              Strava Result of today

I pulled up by the shop I wanted to go in, Ironically to buy the book ‘Anatomy of Running by Jennifer Laurita’ .. which of course was out of stock!!! Double whammy!!
I hobbled across the car to the shop trying not to appear to be limping and of course forgot to pause Strava so you can now follow my journey round the shop.

Hobbling out of the shop empty handed I thought it wise to cut short the 4 mile route I was going to take and get back home asap or should that be asaca (as soon as calves allow).

Limping back through the park I met a man that had run passed me in the opposite direction on Batley Road. He’d done a circuit that brought him back through the park a couple of times and was taking a breath on a bench when I happened upon him. I greeted him, he remembering that he had pasted me earlier as I was in walk mode. On telling him my predicament him told me he had similar problems with his calves due to a slipped disc he suffered a few years previous and now always runs in compression socks and tights something Sileas on fb mentioned I should do last week. (more expense for me!).

I do have a lump on my back which I think is probably disc related. It’s been there a couple of years. It does bother me but I just put up with it as one of those things I put down to bad posture and being overweight. If my poor doctor sees me walking in with ANOTHER ailment I think they my ask me to leave the practise. I’m there all the time as it is with my face ache (sinuses).

So now its legs up and perhaps head down to kiss my ass and any prospects of get anywhere fast with regards to fitness goodbye!

Here’s my pathetic weigh in this week:

Don’t be sad
Don’t be blue
Other people are
Overweight too! (and they do bugger all to help themselves and are still fitter than me!!!!!!!!!!!!) Rant over … calm

Thanks for reading
Train safe
Jo x

2 thoughts on “And… STretCH!

  1. Jo your blog is amazing!! your words are so apt and so funny! You are an inspiration. I too am in the same boat whenever I try to do a walk I manage to pull or twinge a muscle, its so unfair. But you have stamina and must keep the faith!!! keep going you will get to your goal. with admiration – Jane x


    1. Thank you Jane,
      I just tell it how it is. There’s no point in saying otherwise, I would only be kidding myself.
      Thank you for your support.
      Best wishes
      jo x


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