Go Fit Yourself

Go Fit Yourself

Fatty don’t nibble
Fatty be quick
Put down that cake
It’s making you sick

Fatty be good
Healthy and lean
Pick up the fruit
You know what I mean

Clean out your inners
With fresh fruit and veg
Then put on your trainers
And inspire the rest

A turn of the pedal
A jog on the spot
Whatever you do
It’s more than a lot

Wobble and jiggle
Your way down the lane
Achieve what you can
And then do it again

Again and again
You can, you can
Please don’t be tempted
To get in the van

Onwards and upwards
Everyday you’ll achieve
Your own sense of wanting
You know you’ll appease

There’s never a bad day
When doing your best
Not sat on the sofa
Like some of the rest

Your wobbles and jiggles
Will firm as you go
A week, a month
Your body will know

Your fitter, less red
Less bloaty and slow
Every day now
Its’ go lets go

So show them you mean it
You’re determined and true
But much more important
A new life for you.
Go Fit Yourself by Jo Amess 19/02/16

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