Blown Away

Blown Away!!

Well, almost blown away when cycling yesterday and boy did I know it! Windy!!…. and it wasn’t me!

Did 22 miles. First few miles great, a very helpful tail wind leading me into a false sense of security thinking I was getting stronger and cycling ‘faster’ BUT obviously with a grateful tail wind you know what comes next….. yes, a ruddy great gusting head wind for miles and miles!!!

There wasn’t even any hiding behind ‘Big D’ as a lot of the time the wind was gusting in from the side. There aren’t many things that scare me but I have to admit I think for the first time ever I was scare cycling yesterday. The wind was so strong and gusty that at times I was riding leaning into the wind just to ride straight and avoid being blown into the road or ditch.

We really did struggle with the wind but in the main I have to thank the drivers of Wakefield on our road routes for being very accommodating to us. Drivers always get a bad press when talking about cycling but MOST of the drivers on Sunday were great……. BUT there’s always that one that spoils it for the rest (just like cyclist do too!).

Just because they couldn’t wait literally a few more seconds until I had cleared the central island. They squeezed past between me and the island just missing my should and handle bar. They do say ignorance knows no bounds!

I do have to reiterate how accommodating and patient the majority of drivers were and we acknowledge this every time with a wave, a nod or a thank you. Hey, there’s room out there for everyone to enjoy the roads.

What a bobby dazzler
Just getting ready to go cycling was like a work out. Strapping on left calf and right knee, support socks, cycling socks, cycling shoes … and that’s just the bottom half, oh and leggings.

Ben & Jerry
A few years ago a cycling friend give me a brilliant jersey, Ben & Jerry’s, how fitting for me, a product laden with fat, sugars and plenty calories. It’s healthier to eat the jersey!!

The jersey always gets lots of comments. Whilst doing ‘part’ of Way of Roses last year a guy rode past at great speed but I just managed to hear him say ‘great jersey’ has he disappeared into the distance.
Rode past some school kids (they were stood on the pavement, I didn’t ‘overtake’ them, maybe one day). Boy says ‘I wish I was sponsored by Ben & Jerry’s’ My reply ‘no you don’t otherwise you will look like me!!’
Bless them they were laughing.

Every year I pull on the jersey thinking, surely I am almost at the point where I can hand it back stating it’s now too big for me but no…. still fits!! One day Ginner it’s coming back to you.

Out with the boys Jo Amess
very windy cycling ride today Jo Amess

This morning feeling
Didn’t feel too bad this morning. Did half hour of stretching to loosen me up. As the day has gone on though I have felt my left calf tightening up. Stretched out again at 4.30pm in readiness for Fit Camp tonight. Going to take it easy. Will let you know how it goes tomorrow.

Thank you for reading
Exercise and cycle safe
Jo x

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