Hobbley Blob Along

Fit to Drop

Fit camp Monday evening, humm, you know when you shouldn’t but then you don’t want people to think you are wimping out? Well that’s what Monday night was like. My left calf and right knee where still giving me jip but I didn’t want to missing going. More so due to now feeling as though I’m getting into a bit of a routine and I don’t want anything to disturb the flow (you know me, it doesn’t take much for me to cop out of something energetic!)

Instead of doing the full exercise I simplified them to limit the impact on calf and knee. BUT you know when you’re doing it you know you shouldn’t BUT you just push that little bit more … rollocks!! There it goes again. So yet again I limp out at the end of the session.

I still managed to get a good sweat on and was definitely breathing heavy.

Running Mentor
Yesterday, Tuesday 23rd Feb was my first run with Chris who has very kindly offered to get me in running shape for the challenge she set me, doing the Wakefield Hospice 10k run on Sunday 3rd April.

And were off!! Jo Amess
Feel chuffed with second run Jo Amess

Hobbley Blob Along’
The route we took I thought would be about 3miles with me walking most of it but even with my gammy legs I actually surprised myself at how long I could keep up my ‘hobbley blob’ before breaking into a ‘hobbley walk’….

…you know there’s going to be a BUT… yes, it did….. blinking nora!!! Would you believe it, my right calf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hence now why I refer to my ‘run’ as a ‘hobbley blob’. It looked bad enough when I first set off running flat footed on my left leg but when the other went I didn’t know which one to limp on first.

Anyway got back without calling mountain rescue or anyone for a lift. Felt a bit sick but I don’t know whether that we being unable to breath or the pain in my legs. Chris whipped us up a beautiful tuna steak dinner with rice, peppers and onion, delicious!! (Well worth the run!) Note the change in my cheek colour!!

And were back in one piece Jo Amess
Feeling chuffed with second run Jo Amess

Went to bed with legs raised on a pillow and a large bag of ice under each calf. Didn’t get much sleep and as is always the case when I needed to get up I fell asleep, not a good start to the day.

Tonight’s Fit Camp
Not going to fit camp tonight as I have been out and about working and walking all day and feel as though I have done a workout with the effort it has taken in just putting one foot in front of the other.

I write this now sat in office chair with my calf’s resting on the exercise ball…. And yes, every now and then I tense my stomach muscles (or rather the area where the stomach muscles should be) and gently bounce my legs on the ball.

BUT will be worth it Jo Amess
Exercise ball comes in useful Jo Amess

Having a good rest of the legs this evening and will assess tomorrows exertions in the morning.

Thanks for reading
Keep happy and healthy
Jo x

4 thoughts on “Hobbley Blob Along

  1. Good call not going to Fit Camp. They aint gonna get better without rest…maybe try a massage, it might help. You’re doing fabulously well but don’t blow it all by doing yourself a nasty. We’re all here to make sure you get back out there when your poor muscles are suitably rested and fixed x

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      1. Little bit further down and over in Norfolk Jo. I’ve just signed up for the Suffolk Spinner 43 miler ( not brave enough to do the 73 or 100 yet) in July


      2. My next challenge along with getting legs working is 36mile Wakefield Wheel cycle ride on 20th March for sport relief. Might take me all day with these blinking legs but i will do it.

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