That was Unexpected

That was unexpected

Got a bit of a training schedule together for this week which will help me stay on track. Until today that was.

Felt very organised this morning, ok so I set the alarm for 6am and didn’t get up until 6.30, oh well what’s half an hour! I have to get up earlier now to fit in all the stretching I need to do before I start the day, during the day and at the end of the day. I’m sure it’s helping though.

Loaded my bike into van and drove to Chris, running buddy’s house to set off from there. She hasn’t done much cycling lately and, I know this might surprise you, I am helping her with her cycling (oh er look at me!).

Got to hers only to find I’d left my cycling shoes by the back door, rollocks! We load Chris’ bike into van, drove to mine, got shoes, blew Chris’ tyres up, got my bike out of van only to find puncture! Time was running out as I had big work day today so we abandoned the bikes in favour of a run following the same route as our Tuesday run.

I would rather have gone on bike today as haven’t been out on it since Sunday but I do have to work at some point, shame I know, work getting in the way of my year of fitness!

Still hobbley blob with my gammy legs I set off running/jogging/trotting/hobbling and very much surprised myself at how long I kept it up before breaking into a hobbley walk.

A good Mentor
Chris had obviously remembered where I had broken into a walk on the previous run and every time I neared those points she started encouraging me more so I wouldn’t automatically stop where I had previously. I suppose you can easily get yourself into that mind set of thinking, right this is far enough, breather needed. She is a great mentor and running partner, cheers matey, star woman.

I/we did manage to shave 3mins 14secs of Tuesdays time, yippeeee!!   Today on Strava

Do I like running?!
I have this strange feeling….. I sort of enjoyed the runs, humm, never thought I would hear myself say that! Or maybe it was the sense of achievement at the end of the run I enjoyed? I really do feel that if these tree trunks of mine weren’t so gammy I might actually run the whole way without stopping (well almost).

Even though I didn’t cycle today I am sticking with the rest of the training schedule set at the beginning of the week (mainly due to work commitments) so it will be a run tomorrow, day off Saturday and cycling Sunday. Well that’s the plan.

Thank you for reading
Exercise safe and Smile whilst you’re doing it!
Jo x

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