To Knicker or Not to knicker?! That is the question.

I think you guys know me now and that I shoot from the hip but I will endeavour not to be rude or crude whilst speaking about the intricacies of underwear. That is ladies cycling underwear from MY prospective.

I mentioned in my ‘Sports Relief Challenge Blog’ that yes I wear knickers and also under shorts, cycling shorts and then depending on how cold it is leggings.

I’ve narrowed this down to two reasons
I bought my first proper (good quality) pair of cycling shorts in about 2000. Up until then I never felt I did enough cycling to warrant the investment. I just wore ordinary shorts or leggings.
I had signed up to do a charity ride for NDCS (National Deaf Children’s Society) so thought it might be a prudent investment. I purchase a pair of HIND cycle shorts followed by a pair of Polarise. Got a couple of HIND cycle tops at same time. (they were all on reduced aisle I’d never heard of the make before).

cycle clothing
My 16 year old HIND cycling shorts

No one ever said DON’T wear knickers and I never gave it a thought so wore them. Came back from NDCS ride and was ok, no nether region problems.
Have to be honest and say a couple of times I did have a bit of rubbing from the knicker line in my groin but on the whole I was ok so always rode with knicks on.

As time went on and I began reading a little about cycling I started seeing the knicker V non-knicker debate and everything leaned towards non-knicker so …….

….. It would be 2005
I arranged a little cycling weekend with some friends to do the C2C over 3 days….. KNICKERLESS …… (well I did it knickersless I didn’t ask what the boys were doing or did!)

Team Innit Down
C2C 2005

I am really, really, really struggling to find the words to explain the sheer and utter pain I suffered on my knickerless ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even the thought of it brings a scream to my throat!
Put it this way, I can’t cycle standing up, too weak, but I rode 10 miles standing up.
Going to the toilet, I bit down on my cycling glove and buried my head in my coat to muffle the sounds of my screaming……. Leave it there shall we!

…..hence since that day I have ALWAYS worn knickers………………

I said I had narrowed it down to two reason but I think I may have just answered my second reason. I was going to say that it’s because I have old shorts that are well passed their best so need to layer. I am still cycling in my now 16 year old shorts and as you can image (better you don’t try imaging too hard, not pretty) there isn’t a lot of padding left on them. Infact if you look at the images above … I am ‘STILL’ cycling in ‘ALL’ my old kit, coat and all !!!!

25-mile non-drop nottingham
Same cycling kit 16 years later!

Perhaps once I have saved up and treated myself to a ‘good quality’ pair of cycling shorts, on their maiden voyage I could go over to the ‘knickerless side’! (to test the shorts and also my courage)

A good pair of shorts is a must
There is something to be said for buying quality and correctly fitting cycling shorts. Well not really something to be said….. there is a lot to be said for buy quality cycling shorts!

We are all different shapes and sizes, just because one style of shorts suit your friend doesn’t mean they’re right for you so it’s a little bit of trial and error. Total Women’s Cycling have a feature on choosing the right cycling shorts with their recommendations. Shorts are pricey but it’s worth saving up for them….

Whether you are knickered or non-knickered it’s entirely up to you and how you and your bits feel.

Go forth my friends and may the elastic be with you!

Thank you for reading my blurb
Cycle safe
Jo x

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