We Feed on our Greed

I was all set with a blog about repairing my aged cycling jacket when I received a notification from a friend on facebook. She asked the question…… ‘Right a decision has to be made, should I go to weight watchers or slimming world???….

The number of comments that followed was endless including my own …. ‘Neither. Just reduce your portion size. Have healthy snacks instead of crisps and chocolate. And I will only charge you £3.00 a week to weight you and tell you if you lost or gain in a week. It doesn’t matter what scales say it’s how YOU feel. If you want to wear a dress size 12 then eat sensibly, light exercise and tone and you will see your dress size reduce and money you would have spent on someone weighing you you can spend on new dress…. just let me climb down off my soap box now… have a nice day xx’

It does make me laugh (not my friend above, thou she does at times but that’s another story). We shovel crap (those with delicate ears… unhealthy food) into our gaping gluttonous mouths, don’t exercise and wonder why we are fat!!!??? Hummm, I wonder why!!??

I’m not speaking about the elderly, infirmed, children or special dietary needs now, I am speaking about a very large chunk of our population, we aren’t stupid, we are not thick, most of us can read and understand so why do we do it? Gluttony! We appear to have programmed ourselves to gorge on processed rank fodder that most farmers wouldn’t feed to their animals.

‘The Shop
We go to the supermarket and fill our trollies with crisps of every kind, puff crisps in a variety of shapes and colours for ‘the kids’, double roasted with hint of rhino and waft of juniper berry luxury crisp (made this up), Oh and don’t forget the token gesture of ‘low fat’ crisps because you are going to be ‘good’ this week.
Now onto the biscuit aisle, with chocolate, without chocolate, animals shaped for ‘the kids’, giant cookie with and without chocolate chips…….. and on and on and on…..

We pay for our trolley full of fat wondering how we spent so much this week?! Get home spending an hour trying to fit it into the already bursting cupboards still full from last weeks shop …

…. and then … oh no … disaster strikes…… there isn’t enough room in the fridge for this weeks token gesture of healthy eating …. Where on earth am I going to put the lettuce, tomato and cucumber!?!?!?!? …….. I know …. Straight in the bin … you know that’s where it is going to end up by the end of the week.

For a whole week you will move the lettuce from one shelf to the other whilst you search for that scrumptious snacky treat … that chocolate bar, that bottle of coke, that yogurt with its fat filled little extra topping bits. The day before your next ‘food shop’ what will you do? Yep, the lettuce will be brown, the cucumber will have putrefied still in its plastic wrapper and the tomatoes? .. ‘do you know, there not that bad I can move them around in fridge for another week before I throw them away’.

Blinking Nora
People, we are costing ourselves a fortune and feeding ourselves crap! (unhealthy food for delicate ears).

I’ve not been one to follow‘diets’, I never react well to being told what to and what not to eat. I am not a nutritionist or an expert in any field but I am not stupid either nor are you. I am fat, overweight and unhealthy because I shovel more calories into my mouth than I expel in energy. Hence fat. We all know this fact but still we make excuses for ourselves.

I have never understood why we pay people to weigh us and tell us if we have lost or gained that week. Stand on your own scales it’s FREE.
I have never understood why we pay people to tell us what to eat when we already know. Eat what you like to eat. Why suffer eating something you don’t like only to go and ‘be naughty’ and eat something ‘you shouldn’t’ and not lose weight that week. There’s got to be some reward for your suffering.

Hey, we are all different, I know, so what works for one may not work for someone else. I just choose to save money and get healthy in a healthy and sustainable way. But it is each to their own and since I am a fat lardy and I don’t like being told what to do I would never dream of dictating to anyone what they should and shouldn’t do plus the fact I am not qualified to do so. But….

The whole scenario puzzles me ….
Join ‘food club’ PAY
Buy their recipe book (only to ever cook 1 or 2 meals from it then lend to a friend forever) PAY
Buy their ‘healthy snacks’ for midday treats PAY
Get weighed every week PAY

OR why not try….

Don’t buy crap (unhealthy food for delicate ears) SAVE MONEY
Write essentials shopping list before going to supermarket SAVE MONEY
Reduce processed foods SAVE MONEY
Walk couple times a week instead of car SAVE MONEY
Eat whole foods SAVE FAT INTAKE
Reduce portion size SAVE FAT INTAKE
Exercise BURN FAT

…And all the money you have saved … by a new outfit because you will need it if you are toning up. Or save even more money like me, go into the loft and get out the cloths you have been saving for the past 10 years knowing ‘one day you will get back into them’ and try them on, you know they just may fit. And remember trends always come around again making you the trendiest person in town!

It’s all about you
It’s all about how YOU feel. If you know you are unhealthy and you want to do something about it DON’T MAKE EXCUSES. Whether you pay someone or not, at the end of the day it’s you that has to do it. It is your body, your life and you only have one of each.

Living healthy is not about starving yourself. It’s about eating wholesome foods with good nutrition. Exercising isn’t about cycling 100 miles, climbing Snowden or running a marathon. It’s about being active, walking, playing in park, ride a bike, stretching out.

Life is for living. Living a healthy life leads to a happier life?

I did have another 8 pages of notes to type up but even I am giving myself a head ache from the height of my soap box. I will climb down from it and perhaps make a part 2 tomorrow.

Remember all the comments on here are my own thoughts. I am not asking for anyone to agree or disagree this is just my blurb for me. If you have had time to read it perhaps that time could have been better spent going out for a walk or at least put that bag of crisps away whilst your reading (blinking heck I never giving up do i!)

Remember, don’t be too serious, life is too short to worry about what other people think, say and do. It only matters what you think and see in yourself. If you don’t like what you see, change it. There is only you that can make that change and you can only make change if you REALLY want to. There is support out there in all sorts of guises so you are never on your own BUT remember who’s hand it is shovelling all the unnecessary food in?!

Thank you for reading my blurb, I do appreciate it.

Live healthy and exercise
Jo x

P.S: to my facebook friend, the price still stands … £3.00 per week to use my scales!!(shut up Jo!) x

2 thoughts on “We Feed on our Greed

  1. well said so true, even though i do pay £5 a week to go to slimming world lol, it keeps me motivated and something to aim for and i have lost over 3 stone now xx


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