We Feed on our Greed … PART 2

We Feed on our Greed PART 1

And you thought I’d said it all yesterday, well no, I had only just started my rant. I feel better today, the soap box isn’t as tall and I feel by the end of part 2 I will be cleansed and calm.

And I will say it again
As I said I am not an expert in anything so I can only tell you what I think and do. Wrong or right (ideas and guidance will be greatly received), but there again, what may work for me may not work for you. That’s why you need to ‘think’ for yourself.

As soon as someone tells me not to eat something I rebel and eat it, even when it is me telling myself. So, for me I had to kid myself I wasn’t really making any changes especially with regards to food. I hate waste and there is no need for it so I didn’t rush out and replace my food stores. As my store cupboards depleted I replenished them with whole and other foods I like.

I am a glutton, if it’s there I will eat it. If you put crisps and biscuits in your cupboard you know they’re not going to stay there for long and don’t make the excuse that they are for ‘the kids’!
Why would you start eating healthy but carry on feeding your kids crap (unhealthy foods for delicate ears)! They can get enough bad stuff without you plating it up for them.

Size IS everything!
I started using a smaller bowl. Whoo Hoo look at me!! Portion size is a ‘biggie’ … BIG portion, BIG problem, BIG quantity of calories we don’t need.

To start with I used the same plate but every meal I put less and less on the plate. There is no need to shock your system at the start by dropping to half portions. I slowly reduce the quantity hoping I would fool myself into not noticing! If today I gave myself the same portion size as I was eating in January, I wouldn’t be able to finish it. Stomach shrinking perhaps?

I am or was (could still be) classed as clinically obese. I have been an overweight glutton for years now so I know for me to change my habits I had to be sneaky with myself and make out as though nothing was changing. I know it sounds ridiculous but fingers crossed it appears to be working for me.

Setting Targets
I didn’t set myself a date by which I wanted to slim down to an acceptable size for me. I know what I once was and what I was happy with so I have that figure in mind. When I say figure I mean curves (hopefully) not weight figure. I have a pair of yesteryear trousers and a picture of me in them, that’s the ‘figure’.

If I get there, I get there and if I don’t I will still be a lot healthier and fitter than I am now.

I don’t think it’s healthy to lose weight just for an event. ‘It’s Burt’s wedding I want to look good’, It’s my birthday I want to look good’. Yes, we all want to look good but why leave it until you have any event? Surely if you don’t like how you look on the run up to an event you didn’t like how you looked a few months before or even a year before.

Why go hell for leather losing weight to look good for one night. You know you are going to drink like a fish and cram as much food in your mouth as un-humanly possible …. And why are you going to do that?….. because you tell yourself you deserve it because you managed to lose 5lbs in a week …. Whoo hoo ……. And the week after or even the morning after???… try getting into that same dress or pair of trousers!?

… But it doesn’t stop there… you bought the dress ‘knowing’ you COULD and WOULD slim into it .. you did didn’t you??
Drat, you ONLY lost 5lbs and to get into the dress you needed to lose at least 10lbs …..

….BUT wait! This is where your skills … square peg, round whole (or is it other way round?) come into their own …… And just because that dress has a size 10 label on it you WILL get into it and wear it like a badge of honour. (It will probably look more like a badge after you have squeezed yourself into it)

So off you pop to enjoy your evening, not once being able to sit down, bend over, go to the toilet with racking the thing up over your thighs and spending what seems an eternity pulling it back down again …. But hey you look fab!!!! … don’t you?

If you want to ‘look good’, feel good and live healthy, change your eating and exercise habits.

If the thought of exercise brings you out in a sweat, fear not. Living healthy is about the whole of your life style. Changing the way and what you eat will start you on your way to health and wellbeing. As you feel better about yourself and perhaps feel lighter introduce exercise.

It’s not about climbing the 3 peaks next week or swimming the channel the week after. It’s about getting your backside of the sofa and MOVING.

Gently introduce exercise especially if you do reside on your backside in front of the tv most of the year, only using your legs in conjunction with your arms when retrieving ‘treats’ from the fridge.
Simple stretching is a good start or a walk to the greengrocers, carrying evenly filled bags of fruit and veg home. There are lots of fitness classes around in most areas (internet them).
In my ‘year of fitness’ I am endeavouring to exercise for FREE or for very little money, hence walking, cycling and toning at home.

Off to the gym?!
Joining a gym … Really?… And before you start there is nothing wrong with the gym … BUT…
In our flurry of excitement about our new way of healthy living we can hear ourselves say … GYM … because we think we should, whether we really want to or not.

STOP, think ….
When did you last exercise?
Can you walk upstairs without being out of breath?
Are you that organised that you WILL come hell or high water be at that gym at least 3 times a week to make paying the fees justifiable?

Join Gym PAY
New trainers PAY
New Kit PAY

OR you could try…

Stretching on living room floor FREE
Walking FREE
Cycling (if you have bike if not see Wakefield Cycle Forum they lend) FREE
Keep Fit DVD (don’t have one, your friend will or I think you can borrow from library) FREE

Before you start splashing the cash try putting one foot in front of the other.

Read information, listen to good advice, get as much information as possible, adapt it to suit you if need be.

It’s your life so enjoy it!!

….and dismount from soap box.

Thank you for reading
Exercise safe and with good advice
Jo x

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