Ride: Indecisions!!

Strava Cycle Ride 24th April 2016

Wish they would decide where the bloody hell they want to go. More talking about where to go than going!!!!!

The boys! Seppe and Big D, were going out for a ride, something we are trying to keep up to every Sunday where possible. I debated going as I am still suffering with a dodgy tummy but as I’ve said before the C2C is looming so I need all the miles I can get.

Jay graced us with his presence at the start but was going a little further and faster than we would be so went on his own. We did offer to pace him for the first 20 miles but as it turned out he did 40 miles in the time it took us to do 20!!! ..

… Fair enough he is faster and fitter than we (than me!) but I am sure we could have been back at least half an hour earlier if ‘the boys’ weren’t so indecisive.

Blinking Nora, terms to tune out of listening to every few miles…… well, if we go this way … well, if we go over bridge … well, if we go round there ….. well, if we ………………… and on and on and on and on!!!

It’s such a shame my legs don’t tone whilst I’m stood astride my bike! That’s where they seemed to spend most of their time. Flat footed astride bike with my head placed on folded arms across handle bars for a quick doze whilst they decided where we went.

My poor little bike
Is in desperate need of some tender loving care. I friend ‘accidently’ knocked me off a few months ago and bent the front brake caliper. I put it back together as best I could and have fiddle with it loads but one brake pad rubs a bit sometimes. I knew my back brake wasn’t slowing me down very well and just before Jay took off on his ride he notice that one of the brake pads was actually braking on my tyre, Ooops!!

He faft and faft and got it the best he could. When we then set off one back brake pad was on, so we spent another half hour trying to sort it. In the end I set off with both front and back brakes rubbing. (I know I shouldn’t have but it would have been dark by the time we had sorted it).

…So I enjoyed a lovely ride!?!?!…. brakes on, dodgy tummy, which way? this way? and carrying panniers that are as heavy as my bike.

cycle for fun
Sunday run gang
cycle for fun
Down by the canal side near Leeds

Any way until the next ride. Chocks Away or should that be ‘brakes away’

Thank you for reading
Cycle safe
Jo x

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