What did I do for first time!!

Almost forgot to tell you.

Well what did I say before … I couldn’t believe myself what I had done. NEVER did I think I would be ‘one of those’!!….

…….to ride KNICKERLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…….

Yes, I blinking well did!!!! Shocked and Stunned are you … Well none more than myself!!

No Blue Butts here
Simple things Blue Butts, just had to be done

No VPL here!

It was strange and felt wrong. No Knickers?! And no undershorts?! Whatever next? Bare Ass Riding!! Don’t worry that will NEVER happen. You know when I say Never Say Never? Well this time it will be NEVER!

Sileas had mentioned to me to give knickerless a go BUT the terrors of yesteryears were haunting and clouding my thoughts. Come on …. Never Say Never …. So I did.

With the added luxury of my beautiful new saddle (thank you Sileas) and my new decently padded cycling shorts I went for it on my Baildon to Wakefield return ride on Tuesday. 48 miles of knickerless cycling!!

BUT I just couldn’t go out there into the big wide cycling world without my trusty knickers so they came with me, just in case!

BUT will be worth it

Knickers nicely tucked into my pocket. Well you never know when you are going to get run over and as mum says…. Always were clean knickers!

…I cannot be anything but honest…. No chaffing, No rubbing, No sores, No need for knickers..

I’m stunned. I kept thinking any minute now it’s going to start hurting but no. Absolutely fine. Will I be knickerless for the C2C? Yes I certainly will. Will I have knickers in my back pocket, Yes I certainly will, you know, just in case.

Yippeee, I have been liberated, I’m free as a bird on the wing and about 3lbs lighter on the bike!

I always used to say…’If at first you don’t succeed STOP there’s no point making a fool of yourself BUT if you don’t try you do know and you don’t achieve.

Give it a go, give anything a go BUT give it a proper go before you give up on it.

Thank you for reading
Keep Smiling
Jo x

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