Finding YOU

Finding you can be a challenge
You don’t have to cycle the coast to coast to challenge yourself. Each challenge is relevant to you.

My recent challenge was cycling 136 miles Sustrans Sea to Sea Whitehaven to Tynemouth route over 3 days.

We all have to start somewhere
My first challenge was to agree with myself that I was going to do something about being unhealthy and unfit.

My second challenge was to exercise, which for me was to go for walk. Simple I know but from small acorns big oaks grow and …

…from small steps big achievements are made….

No one can do it for you. People can help and support but YOU have to do it, YOU have to want to do it.

There’s no point someone spending time writing you a fitness plan or an eating plan if you are not going to listen and take their advice. You are just time wasting and you are wasting time that can be given to someone else that WILL listen and DOES want to achieve and healthier and fitter life.

They say they is no such thing as can’t, yes there is… CAN’T BE BOTHERED… and if you can’t be bothered why should others around you.

It is hard. It’s hard to really admit to yourself that you are unhealthy and unfit. Crickey, it’s only now after 6 months of trying to be fitter that I really see just how overweight, unfit and unhealthy I really was.

It not all about weight
I do use the term overweight a lot but I try to use the terms unhealthy and unfit, more. Not that I am in denial about being overweight because I am not BUT being fit and healthy is more about the way you live your life than stones on the scales.

If you eat healthy (watching your portion size), If you take regular exercise (and I don’t mean pumping iron at the gym) You are well on your way to a better life for yourself.

You don’t need to invest in any exercise equipment, you already have your body, that is equipment enough.

Put one foot in front of the other and you will achieve.

You’re in there somewhere
Because I didn’t like what I had become … lardy, unfit, uninspired, angry with everyone and everything, disappointed with myself, alone (self imposed), ashamed over my lack of self control, the list goes on.

People say to me …. ‘your always laughing and happy, your always so bubbly, you’re so friendly’ …. Because that is what I wanted people to see, a happy person who didn’t have any cares and was in control of herself.

No one wants to be around miserable, self pitying, self-wallowing people, I know I don’t. If you’re not happy sort it or if you can’t do it on your own ask for help.

What do I do
If you’re a bit fit, run round the woods. If you’re not that fit walk through the woods. Just being outdoors is a big step for some people on their road to finding who they really are.

…being outdoors is a big step to finding yourself……

I believe it is. Try it. I hate it! I hate it because it is so quiet (that bit I love), just the odd bird tweeting away BUT hell, the thoughts in my head are booming. When I walk on my own I dis myself something shocking BUT it gets me results.

I know I’m sounding a little weird here BUT hey, if it works then leave me to it. I whinge to myself telling me all that I think is wrong, all that I should be doing, all that I shouldn’t have done and by the time I get home I’ve cleared my head and … a new challenge.

The challenge may not be anything to do with health and fitness directly but I am finding that the more I challenge myself fitness wise it is helping me in all aspects of my life.

….For instance, I’m self employed and in my job I hold stock, stock which I have far too much of and is poorly organised. As I have organised, categorised and sold off the over stock I can feel myself becoming calmer and more organised in other areas of my life. I feel less ‘cluttered’ in my head and life. One helps the other.

It’s life and all aspect of it that are relevant to you that will help give you a better quality of health to really live your life instead of existing in it.

Steady away
Nothing happens overnight. I have had years of abusing my body by stuffing it with crap and being lazy so I can’t expect that a few walks round the park and a ride on my bike are suddenly going to put everything right.

15 years of bad habits cannot be walked away in a mile or 2. I’m thinking 15 years to put on, 15 years to take off! 6 months down the line I already feel a lot fitter and healthier and you know what!… I only have 14.5 years left if I stick to plan!

Look…. I know nothing. I’ve told you before I am an expert in absolutely nothing (always seek professional advice) I do what suits me. I have done it by trial and error and I am still doing it by that.

Every time I put one foot in front of the other or go out for a ride it still bloody well kills me to do it BUT it’s my fault I am in this situations so I will not moan about it to anyone, I won’t say I can’t do it, I won’t make excuses because I would only be fooling myself, I will just go out and do it and feel bloody good for it.

…which way do your feet face … forward? … then follow them to a fitter & healthier life

Thank you for reading … now get off your backside and go for a walk!!!
Be safe
Jo x

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