Ankle Injury Getting There

I am so miffed, that after cycling 129 miles C2C (over 3 days) 30th May then the following week achieving my longest ever single days ride of 86 miles, all WITHOUT incident, the very next day I go and fall over a blade of grass and tare my ankle muscles!!

It has been 19 days since I last rode my bike and I have to say I am longing to be back out on the road.

I may, just ‘may’ give it a go tomorrow!

Up to 6 weeks they said it would take to heal BUT that was before I went over on it again 5 days later whilst out walking. What a spanner!!!!!

BUT will be worth it
My loosing fight with a blade of grass

Feeling Lazy
I haven’t felt very energetic over the past few days. I’ve been doing a lot of office work which always drains me (hate office work with a passion!).

Just because I’ve twisted my ankle TWICE! Doesn’t mean I can’t exercise, does it! NO, it blinking well doesn’t. As I’ve said before I am lazy and if I am not structured (challenges) I sink back very quickly into my old ways of ‘idolitus’.

Kick up the backside needed tomorrow! I have some things to deliver tomorrow and it’s not far so I will do it on the bike as an ankle tester. About 5 miles should be ok.

I only thing I am worried about is the side to side motion of my ankle when I unclip from my cleats, as this motion is the most painful when doing the exercises I’ve been given.

Future challenges
I have my eye on a little challenge for September (will confirm later) BUT if you have a challenge for me let me know. As I have said before I will give most things a go!

My Sweat Pledge Challenge isn’t going too well. I keep falling behind my pledge miles and just when I catch up something happens and I drop back again.

I have pledged to…… well to be honest I have forgotten the exact pledge (thicko!) I either pledged to do 2016 miles in 2016 which I have on my Strava OR I pledged to do 50 miles per week.

If I should be doing 2016 miles this year I am seriously failing. If I should be doing 50 miles per week = 2600 miles this year, then bloody hell I will need to be on the bike everyday all day from now until the end of the year!!!

If you need inspiring take a look at the incredable Kajsa Tylan and her A Year in the Saddle challenge. This woman is a machine!

RIGHT that’s it lazy Arse
50 miles a week!! Or else!!!

Thanks for reading
Cycle safe and ALWAYS where your helmet!
Jo x

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