Le Tour De France Call yourself fans!

I am absolutely incensed by the scenes I witness today and on many other occasions on Le Tour de France. Every year the crowds appear to get more and more unruly, strewn across the road with no way through for the riders, simply so they can get their face on tv.

It is appalling. Call themselves fans and supports of cycling …. I think not.

Dictionary Definition of Supporter: A person who approves of and encourages a public figure

Dictionary Definition of Fan: Someone who admires and supports a person

Where was the admiration and support today?!

How can you watch and support the race when you are running alongside elite athletes trying to avoid other people, cars, motorbikes, deckchairs, umbrellas, flags and cyclists?

NO, these are not supporters and fans of cycling, these are just idiots that know nothing about the sport cycling and are just there for a laugh.

BUT in them ‘just having a laugh’ they are putting the career and life of the cyclists at risk.

There was nowhere for the cyclists to ride today. Spectators were strewn all over the road, the guys could hardly follow each other let alone make an attack. It was an absolute and utter disgrace.

The only reason why these people should have their faces shown on tv is so they can be identified and prosecuted. How many ‘fans’ ‘spectators’ are ever prosecuted? It would be very interested to know.

Chris Froome punched a ‘spectator’ and got a fine. Where is the justice for the riders?

These athletes are professional cyclist, that is their job, that is how they make their living, that is their livelihood and for some idiot in a dressing up costume holding an oversized flag of their nation to run alongside and in many cases into the cyclist and across the road in front of them, to do that without a care for the cyclist, someone they are supposed to be supporting is an utter disgrace.

These people should be put down. I would have no qualms about legging anyone up that ran past me and I would hope that they would somersault over the barrier and be catapulted down into the bottom of the valley NEVER to be seen again. I am enraged!

Cycling is a unique spectator sport and I wouldn’t like to see that changed BUT what I would like to see are fines handed out to EVERY person that touches a cyclist whilst racing and EVERY person that come within a certain distance of a cyclist whilst racing. Ask the cyclist what they want, it’s their lives these ‘supporters’ are playing with.

Isn’t it always the case …. The few spoil it for the many ……. Le Tour de France sort it, A.S.O sort it.

From a fuming supporter and fan of cycling.
Cycle safe and always wear your helmet
Jo x

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