Back in the saddle yet again !!

After far too long an absence, I am back in the saddle AGAIN !!

Out of the saddle time started on 4th June when I fell over a blade of grass, the day after completing my longest single day ride to date, for me a staggering 86 miles.

Damaging muscle in my right ankle (and by the way going over on it again a week later!) meant at least 6 weeks off the bike BUT that 6 weeks turned into much much longer.

I had a little 8 miler on 17th July but ankle blew up like a balloon so back to light exercise.

26th July saw me on a gentle 7 miles with my 10 year old nephew at the start of the school holidays. Ankle wasn’t bad at all. Thankfully I generally unclip from my cleats with my left foot first meaning I can get into a better position before unclipping the right injured foot, so limiting the moment of wincing!

Another reason (I have many) for not being back on the bike sooner is due to work, it’s wedding season so a busy time of year for me. I could have done more cycling than I have, its just every time I was going to go out something, work, family, idleness came up.

I have sunk back into my rut of doing nothing and making excuses. Think I mentioned before that it doesn’t take much to knock me sideways and lose my way with regards to getting fit.

Back in the Saddle
My first ‘proper’ ride back came on 22nd August and blinking heck did I know it! I entitled the ride ‘Absolutely Huck’d’ because I was!

Strava Ride Absolutely Huck’d 22nd August 2016

What really made me get back in the saddle?
Was it the will to get fit again? The enjoyment of cycling? … No, it was the fact that my friend was visiting from Oz and I had told him I would take him out cycling! Mel (Oz friend) is part of our little cycling group known as Team Innit Down and since it’s been quite a few years since we’ve ridden together, a cycle down nostalgia lane was a must. He’s a fit guy, does park runs, so I thought I had better remount my steed and get some miles in before his arrival.

Second ride was 24th August (cramming for ‘Mel Day’ on the 28th!).
Crickey, did I know about it YET again! Warm day (fatty on a bike in heat does not do well!) and tried to push it.

Strava Ride Looking for my fitness 24th August 2016

Strava didn’t record all the ride. I do have to say it isn’t strava fault it’s the user, me! I am blinking useless with it. When I go to check it, the route, the time, the miles, I always seem to stop it and not realise, so no record. Think the ride would have been about 16 miles if I have recorded properly.

BUT as they say ….. if it’s not on Strava you didn’t do it !!!

It’s good to be back in the saddle again even though my legs and lungs were screaming at me to stop. Here’s to may more miles!

Take care and keep smiling, Oh and wear your helmet!

Jo x

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