Inspired without knowing it

It’s been hard to sit down today and write. My biggest inspiration is having what we will refer to as a ‘pamper day’ today and it’s hard to think about anything else other than her and what today means to her.

Went to sleep thinking of her, woke up thinking of her, had breakfast thinking of her, get the picture, she is on all her loved ones minds and in their hearts today as always.

…. How long can you stare at a page for without writing … a long time ….

It’ 8.50am Wednesday 14th December 2016. My head is full of stuff and it won’t come out ….. I’m going to visit my family ……

Back to it, my Inspiration
It is now Friday 16th December and things are a little clearer. Though my head is still full BUT that is because of my sinuses and not my inspiration.

I take inspiration of all sorts of people, events and general day to day happenings. Without even realising you can be influenced by others. Their strengths, determination and how they live their lives can all influence the way you view the world around you and how you interact with that world and its daily challenges.

Elaine (I call her Brookie), strength of an ox, the outlook of the brightest sunny day and the determination of a Paralympian. Think that sums up my biggest inspiration, Elaine.

I am not going to go into everything about me and Elaine (because that belongs just to us) BUT we have known each other since nursey school and believe it or not we have been out of school for a few years now!

She was the clever one, I the sporty one. Whilst I was still struggling with my 7 time tables she was doing logarithms, well maybe not quiet but she did fill up her star chart far quicker than anyone else did!

I don’t know what sparked our friendship we just levitated to one another and that was it. I was her charity case and she was someone I could look up to (her being 9 days older than me) and aspire to be like, clever, likeable and mostly right (not always, she’s not having all the glory!) Without really realising it, Elaine has always inspired me.

She has been the logical one, me the head strong BUT bye heck that girl knows how to party like no other and drink, all i can say is!! ….. and there’s me, don’t like parties and doesn’t drink! Who’d have thought it!

Jump forward with STRENGH to beat the ‘LF’
I will give you a very, extremely brief overview of the last few years (I have asked Elaine if I can write this next bit as this is her life and not mine). Remember this is a brief overview and is not a moment by moment account of the past few years Elaine has had to endure. It may not be a read for everyone so skip past it if you wish. This is written from my memory and how Elaine has simplified it for me to understand. I do hope that she will put it all down in her own words one day as I’m sure her journey will help and inspire others as it has inspired me. (plus she likes to correct me when i get things wrong so fingers crossed for her corrected version)

Easter 2006:     Freckle on back of hand had got darker, itchy, bleeding. Freckle removed.
13th Dec 2016: Gamma Knife surgery to remove brain tumour.

Today: How are you Brookie? ‘Anaesthetic worn off so pin site a bit uncomfortable’.
She’s a Bloody marvel!!!

Throughout these past 10 years whenever Elaine and I speak, yes there have been tears BUT there is far more laughter and a basic piss take of the cancer than there are tears. Maybe its us Yorkshire folk and our general outlook on life, things never seem as bad if you can laugh about them.

Remember at the beginning when I refer to Elaine as having a ‘pamper day’, well that’s how I looked at her ‘brain surgery’ day. Lay back, relax, let everyone run round after you, wait on you head and foot and be the centre of attention (whether you want to be or not!). Pamper day!!

You have to laugh at ‘the LITTLE FUCKER’ otherwise it wins.

Inspiration in different forms

Kajsa Tylen – A Tear in the Saddle, a great inspiration to me this year. She’s like a machine, climbing on her bike to cycle 100+ miles every day of this year, incredible and inspiring.

Elaine, not really known for her sporting prowess, is also a machine, every day she takes part in an epic journey with ‘the LITTLE FUCKER’ and every day she crosses that finishing line first! She may not have the smoothest of rides, f’ing great potholes in the road, swollen rivers to wade across, flat tyres, broken cables, no replacement parts available (see what I did there, Kajsa bike Elaine without one!) BUT she is relentless in her attack on the ‘LITTLE FUCKER’ …

… and you know she is going to win!……

What do these two inspirational women have in common?
Mental strength, positive thinking, great support systems, their character, positive self belief, a love of life and being genuinely lovely people, amongst other things.

My 2017 Challenge
It won’t match up to these two incredable people BUT they are the ones who have inspired me to try. Let’s see tomorrow shall we …..

If you want to know more about Melanoma (skin cancer) Melanoma UK is a great website and one Elaine recommends. I will also be posting lots of information regarding Melanoma in future blogs.

Thank you for reading my blurb
Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
Be happy and smile
Jo x

5 thoughts on “Inspired without knowing it

  1. What a beautiful post, Jo. Elaine sounds like a wonderful woman and it must be incredibly hard for you to see someone you care about so much so poorly, yet you can’t do anything more than be her friend and get angry and laugh and challenge and stick two fingers up to her cancer. I imagine you both want to grab it by the neck and drag it kicking and screaming right out of her body and into an inferno. Life has a strange way of pushing you over. I send all the best to Elaine, her story is very moving and one day I hope I get to meet this brave, courageous woman. And to her cancer I say – ‘just fuck right off’

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Cath, thank you so much for your beautiful comments. Elaine is an incredable woman, even before the Little Fucker arrived. She’s a head down arse up kind of girl and i do hope one day she will write her story because she is such an inspiration. xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You made me cry, again!! Jo, you are one hell of a special friend and one of the reasons I’m still fighting. It’s really weird seeing my story written down and seeing it has made me think maybe I should take inspiration fro you and write my story.

    Cath, thank you for your comments and best wishes.


  4. Brookie you have to write your story. You are such a strong person (even though you may not always think so) you have fought all the way and you are not a quitter. I think writing your story would be good for you so you can see exactly how far you have come on your ‘little fucker’ journey. I also think it will help so many people, probably the people you already help each time you donate all the ‘little fuckers’ they keep taking out of you and studying.
    As you do, I am going to do my best everyday to succeed. Always looking up to you for my strength and inspiration Brookie.
    Love Jo x


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