Didn’t deliberate long enough!

Strava Ride 21/12/16: 130Day to Tour de Yorkshire. Day 1 training crimbo card drop part 1

130 Days to Tour de Yorkshire Sportive and today was training day one! Blinking heck, I didn’t think today would be so hard. I know I’ve been off the bike for a bit but flaming nora!! I found today really hard and yet I was stopping every few miles to post letters. Crickey that shows how quickly I have lost any fitness I had.

Perhaps I should have gone out a few more time before announcing to the world my 2017 challenge! I felt it unlikely I was going to do it all in the first instance BUT after today … well all I can say is I better get some miles and some hills in and sharpish!

Crimbo Card run
I thought I would be a good idea, save car fuel and stamps and cycle to post cards (trying to save money because I’ve been a softie and had the heating far too much!).

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It would have been a good idea if I had plenty of time! 4 HOURS!! 4 HOURS I’ve been out today and only ridden 19 miles!! As Ginner would say ‘more stops than Santa’!

I know this will sound awful BUT I didn’t plan on people being at home and wanting to talk to me. I should have planned for that. I suppose I thought people would be busy doing last minute christmasy things!

4 HOURS! I thought 2 at the most BUT 4 HOURS!! I have saved car fuel, stamps and got a few miles in and I did stop in at JB’s Bike Shop in Ossett to collect my SIS and have a chat BUT not for 2 hours! Cheers Rob, thank you for sorting me out again.

Crimbo card run part 2
Still got cards to deliver so if you haven’t got your yet it means one of two things. You’re on Fridays crimbo card run or I’m not sending you one.

BUT so no one feels left out I am sending you all my thoughts for a great crimbo day and a happy, healthy and peaceful 2017.

Remember: a bike is not just for summer it for all seasons.

And I quote the great and all knowing Ginner when I say;

Winter miles Summer smiles.

Thank you for reading my blurb
May the wind always be on your back.
Jo x


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