240 for Brookie Challenge BUT will be worth it!

Strava Ride 04/01/17: ‘116 Days to 240 for Brookie #TDYSportive ‘

Is it worth it! Is it worth stuffing your face with unnecessary fats, sugars, food! After the ride I have had today NO WAY, NO HOW is it worth it!

I still feel sick from my 24 miles which I finished at 3pm today and it is now 7pm. My legs are like jelly, I’m still coughing and I would love to go to bed and wake up fit!

…. I enjoyed now I must endure …..

STOP DIETING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AAaargh!!!! I hate this time of year. On the radio they talk about dieting after Christmas over eating. On tv they advertise constantly every ‘diet’ under the sun. Gym memberships, train this way to lose weight, don’t do this if you want to lose weight. AArrgh!!!!!! It drives me insane!!!!

If you don’t want to be fat, don’t shovel gluteus amounts of un needed food into your gaping gob.

If you want to be fit, get off your backside and get moving.

I’m fat because I’m greedy and lazy, not because I am big boned, have an underactive thyroid or a mysterious illness that makes me this way.

It’s my fault that I’m fat and unfit NOT society, NOT advertising, NOT food companies, NOT the government … ME … plain old greedy me!

We know how to read food labels, we know how to measure quantity. Why do we blame everyone other than ourselves for our unhealthy life styles?


I’m sure you have all heard of the saying ‘supply and demand’. If you don’t demand unhealthy food then the food companies will have no supply chain.

Can you tell I had a hard couple of hours in the saddle today? ‘’ALL BECAUSE I AM GREEDY AND UNFIT’’!!!!!!!!!!!

Today’s Ride
I don’t know why but I got really nervous before going out today. I think it was because people are following my progress and I didn’t want to let myself, Elaine or Melanoma UK down by not being able to do well and improve each time I go out. I know me and how easily I give up.

I found it bloody hard all the way today even though for the first 10 miles or so I had the wind on my back.

BUT will be worth it
Knackered already after only 6 miles

At 18 miles (check out my strava ride at the top) there’s a right little pigging stinker of a climb. Short and bleeding sharp! It’s only .3 mile, elevation of 92ft and gradiant between 2.9-9.8% I don’t know much about stats BUT what I do know is that when you are at the bottom it looks practically straight up!! …. And yes, I got off and pushed about half way. I have no shame!

BUT will be worth it
Half way up the little stinker BUT will be worth it

If I didn’t feel so bad (knackered) I would be feeling pretty good today.

It was a beautiful crisp (those bloody fat crisps get everywhere!) day today. Down by the river it was wonderfully quiet and still.

When I got home I was famished .. what to have? I opened the cupboard and what was starring right at me … those bloody crisps… IF YOU DON’T BUY THEM YOU CAN’T EAT THEM!!

I took one look at them and thought F’ off you ain’t going anywhere near me, NOT after all the effort I put in today … so I had pasta and blinking lovely it was too!!

BUT will be worth it
Recharge with pasta BUT will be worth it

Thank you for reading my blurb and remember all comments on here or my own thoughts.

If you would like to sponsor my efforts of Melanoma UK please donate using my Just Giving page at www.justgiving/fundraising/butwillbeworthit Thank you.

Cycle safe and WEAR YOUR HELMET!
Jo x

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