Time … faster than me on a bike

Strava Ride 08/01/17: 112 Days to ‘240 for Brookie’

BUT will be worth it
112 Days to ‘240 for Brookie’ Wakefield Dewsbury Low Moor

This was my first ride with British Cycling’s Let’s Ride group Kirklees Riders Cycling. The ride was setting off at 10am from Leggers Inn in Dewsbury to travel the Spen Valley Greenway to Low Moor in Bradford. The mileage posted was 14 miles.

Not enough for me for a Sunday run (ooo look at me … not enough!!) so I decided rather than drive to the start I would cycle. I knew there was a BIG hill in between us BUT bloody hell I didn’t think it would be that bad! To offset the up there is a lovely down into Dewsbury Town … every cloud and all!

Met up with the jolly group of 20 which included Seppe and Chris (my clan) who had driven over since it was Seppe’s first time on his bike since May.

The Spen Valley Greenway uses the old railway track and gentle climbs all the way to Low Moor Bradford…. And again, every up has a down! We turned around at Low Moor to enjoy the downhill back to Leggers Inn. I hitched a lift home with the guys as I was too lazy to cycling.

If you are just getting into cycling or want to ride with others Kirklees Riders Cycling are a lovely bunch of people and very helpful. Check out the British Cycling website for other groups and rides in your area.

Strava Ride 15/01/17: 105 Days to ‘240 for Brookie’

BUT will be worth it
105 Days to ‘240 for Brookie’ Wakefield to Methley Mini Loop

As well as motivating myself I am trying to motive Seppe to get back into his cycling. He works away during the week and then by the time he’s finished bob-a-jobbing at weekend it’s time for work again. BUT I managed to persuade him out for a second time.

Strava’s good for looking at your stats to see how you are improving but I also think it’s good to have someone there riding with you. You know me and hills! (we love to hate each other) I let Seppe start up the hill and then I chased him.

It was a little unfair on Seppe as he is not bike fit and I didn’t like to keep cycling past him as I know all too well how that feels, when you keep getting left behind.

Seppe did really well but after 7 miles he was feeling it so we turned around and went back.

Every mile is one more than none!

Strava Ride 18/01/17: 102 Days to ‘240 for Brookie’

BUT will be worth it
102 Days to ‘240 for Brookie’

Killer Cramp Day!!
Kirklees Let’s Ride group had posted another ride setting off again from Leggers Inn Dewsbury at 9.30am. I could get to them for that time due to work so met up with them at Pugneys Country Park & Watersports Centre in Wakefield.

After a quick chat we set off and did a loop of Walton then back to Pugney’s for a brew then on to Legger’s. It was a bit muddy in parts but that’s the nature of this time of year.

It was a lovely ride and great to chat with people from all walks of life, I found really interesting. I always think, why aren’t these people at work, then think that they’re probably thinking the same of me.

I had plan to cycling back home from Dewsbury via Hostingley Lane, the route I had ridden in the opposite direction on 8th Jan. Gerard, one of the chaps on the ride asked where I was bound for, 10 minutes later I was riding with him on a new route home, well homeish direction.

I wanted to get about 30 miles in BUT not straight up! I told Gerard that I needed hills so he gave it to me! At about 19 miles (on strava) we went up!! Bloody Hell I thought I would lose a lung! Gerard statement ‘it’s short and sharp’, sharp it was but short … I thought I would never end. OK to you lot that can, it probably isn’t worth talking about BUT I can’t so I’ll talk about it! It was a bloody big hill!

Do you know what made it worst!?!?!? Gerard dancing on his pedals!! He is so deceptive, plodding along until a hill then he’s up and off …. I WANT TO DO THAT!!!

I had snot coming down my face which was blood red (my face not the snot), coughing, spitting, swearing (only in my head as too knackered to talk), if that’s not enough to put you off cycling then nothing will.

BUT will be worth it
102 Days to ‘240 for Brookie’ Pugneys Country Park with Kirklees Let’s Ride & Gerard ‘The Pedal Dancer’

We rode together for about 3 miles then parted company with me ride off to take in a few more hills (look there bloody big hills to me!) On Batley Road that’s where it started, CRAMP! Just little twinges at first in left calf then in both.

I knew straight away that I probably hadn’t eaten and drunk enough so I guzzled down what was left of my energy drink and stuffed in half an energy bar and carried on.

I hate Batley Road. This was the first time I had done it in this direction BUT in either direction I hate it. Yes I did … I stopped half way up each hill. I didn’t push but I did stop, cursed my lazy glutinous behaviour then carried on.

And so to punish myself more, I got to the junction of Woodhouse Lane and realised that if I went the way I wanted to go, straight down Batley Road, I wouldn’t get 30 miles in, so Woodhouse Lane it was.

By now the calf cramps were getting a little worse BUT when you are out the only option is to keep going. I finished the rest of my water and energy bar and set off again.

I was still going to be short on miles so instead of Bradford Road I took the A650 as it’s longer. BUT blinking heck! As I got to the top of my road, AGAIN not enough miles … Strava are you SURE you record ALL my miles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There was no way after all that effort was my strava going to read 29. anything! It was going to be 30. if it killed me! So I looped into Wrenthorpe Park and eventually home.

Walking gingerly as my calf’s were twitching away like mad, I’m afraid I didn’t clean my steed, it went straight into the garage.

Is it getting easier? maybe it is but I don’t really feel that way yet. I’m sure it will come.

Thank you for reading my blurb.

Keep safe and wear your HELMET!

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