Not The Ride I Planned For

Strava Ride 22/01/17: What a Plank

British Cycling Let’s Ride group Kirklees Riders Cycling posted a ride for Sunday 22nd January setting off at 10am from their usual base at Leggers Inn Dewsbury. Dewsbury to Thornes Park Wakefield return at 14 miles. Riding to the start and back would up the miles.

Roped Seppe and Dennis into the ride BUT since neither of them have done much cycling this year and to save them driving to Dewsbury we arranged they would cycle to meet up with the group at Thornes Park.

I was going to cycle over to the start at Dewsbury to cycling all the way with the group BUT ………

… Got up, had porridge, got gear on, bike out, locked up and ready to go. Just about to mount my steed when I realised my head was a little cold …. Aargh, NO helmet!! How can you forget your helmet! Unlocked everything, got helmet, locked everything back up again and off I go!

It was blinking freezing at -2 (well actually below freezing!). I’m not a glove wearer BUT I was more than grateful for the warmth of my Endura FS260 Pro Nemo Gloves (I’m not advertising I just love my gloves).

Being fat, unfit and unhealthy, it doesn’t take long for me to warm up and by the time I reached the traffic lights at junction of Flanshaw Lane and Dewsbury Road I was ready for my first swig of water. …… Oh Rollocks!!!!! NO bottles!!!
Back home I go and bottled up BUT there wasn’t time for me to set off to get to Dewsbury in time for 10am start.

BUT will be worth it
Ooops NO bottles!!!

I put my time waiting to set off with ‘the boys’ to good use by prepping Sunday lunch. Joint in on low, veggies peeled and panned, mushrooms and onions chopped and ready for gravy (I class gravy as a food group and one of my 5 a day).

BUT will be worth it
Alway wear your helmet! theres always danger when i’m in the kitchen

Men IN Tights
Big D (Dennis) arrives … ‘Blinking nora, it’s freezing!’ …. Me, Yes Dennis it will be, you’re wearing Bloody SHORTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To be fair up until this year we have only ever been fair weather riders and Dennis doesn’t own a pair of leggings or anything of that sort.

Telling him there was no way he could go out bare legged, I found a pair of woolly tights (amazing in its self as I only wear trousers) and that’s where the hilarities ensued. I am 5ft 1.5 (ye NEVER forget that half!), Dennis is 6ft 2 … Houston we may have a problem!


Try Again

Strava Ride 22/01/17: 98 Days to ‘240 for Brookie’

Just after 10am we set off and headed to Thornes Park to meet up with Kirklees Riders Cycling. We were early so cycled along the route we thought they may take. After a couple of miles we turned around and went back not wanting to miss them if they had travelled in on a different route.

After meeting up, we did a circuit of the park then headed back to Dewsbury. A chat and brew at Leggers then ‘the boys’ and I headed back to Wakefield the way we had come (near enough).

On the way back we met Jay who was just on his way to take in some hills. He’s taking part in Tour de Yorkshire Sportive then supporting me on my challenge Sheffield to Bedford.

BUT will be worth it
Stopped Jay in Ossett on his way to the hills!

I wanted to get 30 miles in but on arriving back there was only 24.5 on the clock. I set off again and couldn’t believe that on my return I was STILL short 0.2 of a mile!! It’s just not my day!

Off again for a mini loop of the park ……. FINALLY!!!! 30.6 about bloody time!!

It wasn’t the ride I had planned to do but at least I eventually got the miles in. Obviously, my organisational skills need vast improvements. I’ll work on them alongside map reading, hill climbing, pedalling properly and breathing!

Joint cooked to perfection with a lovely thick slice of mushroom & onion gravy, yum!!

Whow, I almost forgot the best it!!! You know that ‘Little Stinker’ of a hill that I only got half way up then had to push last time? Strava Ride 116 Days to ‘240 for Brookie’ Did IT!!! I couldn’t really not when Seppe was already nearing the top and Dennis was riding up my arse behind. Could let ‘the boys’ beat me, could I?!

Thanks for reading my blurb folks
Cycle safe and wear your helmet
Jo x

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