Lambasted and beyond

Strava Ride 28/02/17: 61 Days to ‘240 miles for Brookie’

Lambasted, I like the sound of that word BUT not the consequences of it!

I have been truly ‘lambasted’ today. 10 minutes after I posted yesterday’s blog Jay says … ‘9.30 then tomorrow?’ ……. err, yes?!

Jay was due to take me out for 30 miles last Tuesday but he had stripped his bike on the Monday and things did not go well for him putting it back together again, that meant last week was off. I knew, ‘9.30 then tomorrow’ meant he was taking me out today.

We were doing a route Jay had done a few weeks ago, he considers pretty flat. Everywhere is flat for someone fit and 77kg wet through!

Not a hill in sight!
Does he (Jay) not realise that any bump in the road is considered a HILL where I am concerned!
…. Why do you drop down as soon as you see a hill? ….. Is it that it’s hard to pedal or you just think there’s a hill it will be hard ……. Try standing up ….. and on and on and on ……..

Then the little shit starts whistling behind me!! He was probably back there rolling a cig too!! … and smoking it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but will be worth it
Look in his hand!!!

I’m huffing and puffing, still turning the pedals, ok not very fast and yet again dropped right down the gears ……… this is not even a hill ………. SHUT UP JAY!!!! And he did.

TDY Sportive
I know he is right, everything he is saying is right and it should be said. Who am I trying to fool that by cycling 30 – 35 miles twice a week is going to get me anywhere near being able to complete Tour de Yorkshire Sportive and then cycle another 180 after that.

Jay … ‘you are never going to do TDY if you are only going to do 60 miles per week and those miles are flat’, ‘you need to be going out every day, bar rest day’. I wanted to cry BUT not because of Jay but because I felt sorry for myself. I took a moment, berated myself and told me to get my fat arse up that road.

The truth may hurt BUT when said with good intentions being thankful for the honesty is my only reaction

Wind wind blow away
We all love a tail wind especially when it follows you out and back again. Obviously that was NOT going to happen to me, oh no. If it wasn’t a cross wind, 9 miles of it, it was a head wind, 6 miles of it, all the way back mile 21 on strava.

We were almost home when Jay said he needed to call at the shop, ‘check your strava see how far you have done’. I knew it was going to be over the 30 miles he said we were doing BUT 38.8 !!

I was spent, I had struggled back, oh and can I just point out that the little whipper snapper only spent a few of the cross / head wind miles up front! And when I say a few about 4!!

but will be worth it
This face says ‘I’ve had enough’

My reaction to having 38.8 miles on the clock ….. I HAVE to get 40 miles on … I am NOT doing all of this and NOT getting 40 on the clock!! BUT I was spent. I would have done a lap around the park and up the main road which is about 1.5/2 miles BUT I just had nothing left.

I rode to the top of the road just past my house and check the mileage (I know it’s sad BUT there’s something about reaching a whole number) 39.7 … bloody hell. I didn’t have it in me to do the lap so I rode on the FLAT main road a few yards, turned around, a few more yards in opposite direction, turned around and went home.

…… 40.1 miles ….. My biggest ride this year.

Where do I go from here
On surviving todays ride I, force fed myself beans on toast, thoroughly cleaned my bike, removed my pannier rack (which won’t be going back on until after TDY Sportive), weighed myself WITH my bike and weighed in at a hefty 106kg.

Thanked Jay for taking me out and for his straight talking, it was long over due.

…. And we will see if I HAVE listened or not …. Wont we!!!!

Thank you for reading my blurb.

Be safe out there and always were your helmet.
Jo x
P.S. Strava website down so will update this blog when it back up and running.

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