My New Best Friend

Strava Ride 18/04/17 12 Days to ‘240 miles for Brookie’

With only 12 days to go to the biggest challenge I have ever set myself, ‘240 miles for Brookie’, yet another person has bestowed their kindness upon me.

Louise, a fellow cyclist (when I say ‘fellow cyclist’ I mean she IS a cyclist, unlike me who rides a bike) has an old (for her) spare bike that she is very kindly loaning to me for the duration of my challenge. THANK YOU LOUISE!!

BUT will be worth it
Borrowed bike with my Selle Italia Lady Saddle

The brakes needed adjusting and the bike needed a clean (no more so than mine does might I had) so where do I always go? To my trusted bike man Rob at JB’s Bike Shop in Ossett, Wakefield.

Rob’s a great lad. Along with his technical knowhow he gives you lovely snippets of information to help you along and get more from your bike. He replaced the brake cable, adjusted the gears and told me how to wash the bike (kidding).

BUT will be worth it
Borrowed bike having brake and gear attention

I have been laid up since Thursday with the lurgy. Not the best time to get ill BUT I wouldn’t even begin to think I have anything like ‘man flu’, I could never be, since I’m female, that ill BUT I have had ….

…… the coughing all day and night, hot sweats and no sleep …
…… so much snot that Andrex have been able to purchase and train another 10 puppies for their adverts….
…… rough, rasping sore throat that even road tar will not smooth over …..
…… pulled muscle in stomach from all the coughing (I know! this one even I find hard to believe, Me! Pull a muscle! Didn’t even know it was there!)
…… and wind?!… Where the heck did that come from!! … well I know where it came from, obviously!, BUT … think it must be from all the linctus, sinus and general legal drugs I have been taking.

Are we sitting comfortably
It goes without saying that my bestest best friend is my now invaluable Selle Italia Lady saddle which was given to me by the most wonderful Sileas, yet another friend I have made through cycling.

After my trip to see bike mechanic Rob to sort the brakes and gears, I, with heavy heart, took my Selle saddle from my ‘birthday bike’ and set it up on my ‘new friend’ and off I went for a quick spin to bed everything in.

BUT will be worth it
Selle Italia Ldy Saddle

Due to my unwellness, (I know it’s not a word BUT I like unwellness) by the time I had reached Brandy Carr Road junction with Batley Road, (2.4 miles in) my heart was pounding out of my chest. I rested for a while but the bongos were thumping out a merry tune so I thought it wise to go flat. Turning left I headed downhill to the flat lands and then home.


12 miles was enough today. Half the time I couldn’t see where I was going due to the copious amounts of snot flying everywhere. Even managed to get it in my ear today … there’s a first for everything!

BUT will be worth it
Flat ride today

Thank you
Thank you to everyone that has and is supporting me, not only in my cycle challenge efforts BUT also I my everyday challenges of life.

I don’t seem to be able to make life easy for myself BUT with the support you all give I manage to keep my head above water and my backside on my bike.

Thank you to
Jay, for your patience when taking me out cycling. I know you are always chomping at the bit to get up those hills BUT I do appreciate all your waiting around and getting cold on my behave.

Dennis, for always being on hand, being a great friend and for volunteering to drive on our challenge.

Ginner, For all the advice and support over the many years of our cycling adventures, star man.

Kirklees Riders Group – Wednesday, getting that email on Monday mornings for the next Wednesday pootle makes sure I get out on the bike every week. Great company and great laughs. (Got to British Cycling website to find all levels of rides in your area)

Sileas, For sharing your wealth of cycling knowledge which knows no bounds, you have kept me going. Your key bits of information have had a big impact on me and how I manage my cycling. And thank you for the love of my life, Selle Saddle. I and my backside whole heartedly thank you.

John Pogson, For letting me into your cycling world and for gracing me with your cycling wisdom and support. You are truly and inspirational man.

Chris Doyle, for making me ride further and harder because ‘I am NOT having you beating me’! For all the encouragement in my cycling and in my fund raising for Melanoma UK.

Everyone that has sponsored me, Thank you. Money is always tight and someone is always asking for your hard earned pennies. You have all been very kind in your donations to my cycle challenge and Melanoma UK.

There are and will be other people to thank so if you are not here fear not you are not forgotten.

And to Seppe, Grazie mille dal profondo del mio cuore e della sede della bici. Niente di tutto questo avrei potuto fare se non per voi. Grazie Marito

240 miles for Brookie & Melanoma UK
If you would like to donate to my challenge which is supporting Melanoma UK, you can by going to my Just Giving Page, that would be really lovely, thank you.

By giving via Just Giving your donation goes straight to the charity where they can immediately start doing great things with it.

How to end this blog?
Cacking it!!!!! Yes, I sure am!!
With only 12 days to go I have bike belly every minute of the day now BUT my challenge is only for 3 days.

People suffering with Melanoma Cancer have a much longer and harder challenge than I.

Thank you for reading my blurb.

Cycle safe and wear your helmet …. Oh, and smile
Jo x

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