Challenge Route 30th April–2nd May

The Three Day Route
DAY 1: Tour de Yorkshire Sportive (You’ve got to book your place with Maserati to enter) 62 Miles round the hardest course the #TdYSportive has ever seen. Just my luck to choose this year to do it! 62 miles, over 6,500ft of climbing.

Tour de Yorkshire Sportive Long 62 mile with +6,500ft climbing

240 miles for Brookie 300417 (5)

After finishing the sportive we will be back home for the evening to recover and ready ourselves for the next 2 days.

DAY 2: Fox Valley, Sheffield TO Loughborough  94 miles, over 4,400ft of climbing – If anyone can offer a flatter route please let me know… please!

Fox Valley TO Loughborough 94 miles +4,400ft climbing

The morning of day two we will drive to Fox Valley to start the days ride from there at approximately 8.30am. What time will we ( I ) finish the day …. Who knows!!

We will overnight at Burleigh Court Hotel & Leisure, Loughborough University, Ashby Road Entrance (A512) Loughborough, LE11 3TD

DAY 3: Loughborough TO Flitwick Bedfordshire  88 miles, over 4,800ft of climbing – If anyone can offer a flatter route please let me know …. please!!!

Loughborough TO Flitwick Bedford 88 miles +4,800ft climbing

We will look to be away again for 8.30am. We will finish the ride at Elaine’s place and camp out in her living room before being DRIVEN back home the following day.

Want to join us?
If you want to join in for all or any part of the ride on either or both of the days PLEASE feel free to join in when and where you wish. It would be fabulous to have any of you there.

If you need more info or want to just get in touch you can message me via Facebook, this blog or Twitter

Bosom Buddy
I’ve just checked in with Elaine (240 miles for Brookie) and requested a pop-up jacuzzi to be at the ready on the evening of our final days ride. I feel it’s the least she can do!!

D’ya no, she’s blinking funny!!

Elaine, ‘What time will you be here on Tuesday? I’m going to take the day off work’
….hahahahaha, oh this girl has faith! And lots of it!

Me, (after stopping laughing) Don’t whatever you do take the day off work. I am not going to be there until sometime during the night! … Can you leave a key under the door mat cos you’ll be in bed by the time I get there!!!

Bosom Buddies

Oh George, she has your faith!!

Thank you for all your support and kind words.

Saddle up your steed, oil that chain, inflate those tyres and let’s RIDE!!!!

Cycle safe and … ENJOY!!
Jo x


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