Cycle October #SweatPledge Challenge

The waffle below i have liberated from an email i sent to some of my bike buddies. I thought it read ok so to save my lazy fingers from any more typing, i’ve copied and pasted it below (with a couple of additions).

…. saving my energy for Cycle October #SweatPledge Challenge!!

You know I’m always doing something, well I’m at it again and before you huff and roll your eyes, I’m not looking for donation of money!

No, I’m looking instead for donations of sweat pledges and cycling buddies.

I am going to cycle every day in October!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahaha, I hear you say, well I did laugh a lot after I said it to myself so you can have that one!

Why stop at Cycle September when every day is a cycling day, well unless it’s raining, cold, icy, too sunny, too hot, it’s spring, summer, autumn or winter time … BUT any other time is cycling time!

I would love you to be involved. Obviously my Wednesday buddies, Wednesday’s is already penned in unless I have to work then it will be a quickie in the morning or evening BUT if anyone is available any other days and fancies a ride it please click on the link below with more of my waffle BUT also a link to a doodle poll where you can add what days you are free to join me.

Cycle October SweatPledge Challenge

I would also love it and hopefully it will be an encourager for you too if you can pledge some of your wonderful sweat!? #sweatpledge away on It fairly easy to set up, mine is here: BUTwillbeworthit

And here’s a little video to help you: Billy and Gertrude SweatPledge

Please also feel free to share this info with others who may wish to have a cycle challenge or just come out for a potter on their bicycles.

As a reward for join and or supporting me you will received the following:
My deepest thanks
My admiration
As sense of achievement
As sense of wellbeing
A lightness in your step
The need to encourage others
And a well earned cup of tea

Thank you for reading my blurb and i hope to see you out on your bike very soon!

Cycle safe, smile and be happy
Jo x

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