I had a thought A #sweatpledge

Yesterday I read through messages of support for my October #sweatpledge Cycle Challenge, you know that little thing I thought on the second of October would be a good thing to do …

…… Cycle every day throughout October ….

Then I added on that it would be a minimum of 10 miles per day, with the exception of 2nd October (over sight in how the day played out) BUT I hope you feel I have made up for this over sight in the miles that I have done since?

It’s day 22 of my #sweatpledge and I’m now looking forward again, to next month, next challenge, next Sweat Pledge (if I make it to the end of this one!)

How did that happen
I didn’t prepare or plan beforehand to challenge myself to cycle October. I never stick at anything so why would I even think of doing a 31 day challenge. No, it just happened. Had I not arranged a ride with Seppe and Big D that just happened to be on 1st October, my October #sweatpledge cycle challenge would never have seen the light of day.

Day 1 October #sweatpledge Cycle Challenge with Seppe and Big D

I can’t remember whether I decided I would go for it on the 1st October after our ride or on the 2nd at the HSBC UK Breeze session I help lead with other wonderful Breeze Champions each Monday evening at Brownlee Centre Cycle Circuit BUT that was it …

…… Challenge on …..

Keeping it going
Perhaps it was because I didn’t have a plan that, believe it or not, I kept forgetting I ‘had to cycle’! I’d planned my day, work, bob-a-job, etc and as the day progressed a light would come on (think I must have those low energy ones that take all day to get bright enough for them to be useful) …. ping! Oh crap, I need to cycle!!!

It has been far more difficult than I thought it would be, getting on a bike day after day and it’s only been 22 days!!

Its hard trying to find your fitness

I started to wain about day 13 or so. My legs felt fatigued, I felt fatigued, everything felt fatigued. Anyone would think I was gunning for Kajsa Tylen’s GWR, hahaha, sorry little chuckle to self!

The woman (Kajsa) is a machine. How did she do it. EVERY DAY for ONE WHOLE YEAR. HOW??

I was on day 13 and knackered or rather weak willed

Social Support
I want to do well at social media BUT I can’t spell, can’t find the words and hate computers and typing, though the typing is far more legible than the handwriting.

As I got into the rhythm of cycling so a bit of social media rhythm arrived. And with that came support.

Support I needed to keep me going past days 14, 15, 16 and 17. And I am so grateful for it.

Get on your bike, pedal, get off, log ride. Nothing to it, is there? Yes, there is more to it and it’s not always physical.

Mental strength or the lack of it can ruin a ride, leaving you empty, lost and deflated. For me, I think it’s a combination of both mental and physical strength.

I’m building on the physical BUT the mental wrangling’s I have with myself are a constant battle ground. Wins and losses in equal measure (but not always feeling that way).

What have you done to yourself

I’m honest to myself. There’s no point kidding anyone, least of all yourself. If I’ve had a bad day and struggling, I say so. If I’ve felt weak and lacking, I say so. If I’m a bit chuffed with myself, yes… I say so.

The support I receive right across the board on good and bad days is so up lifting. That people have taken time to send their words of encouragement and have made their own #sweatpledge in support of my efforts is a joy to see and when I think about it, I have a wee wry smile to myself, a smile of achievement and satisfaction.

Pack it in
Yes, 3 times now, 3 times I have been on the verge of stopping and giving in, then the arguments and wrangling’s start……

Give up, you don’t have to do it. No one is making you. You said you wanted to do it. You geed everyone up saying you were going to do it.

Carry on, don’t be pathetic, it’s only 10 miles a day, you’ll be sorry if you stop now, don’t you think it might be nice to achieve for once, think of Kajsa cycling for a whole year, a whole year! And now you dare to moan about a few days.

…. And back on the bike I get …..

…. before you know it, blinking nora it’s day 22 …. So, take your words of support and encouragement and sit your spotty ass on that there gifted saddle and cycle with all the passion with which you gluttonously ate all the food that brought you to this sorry state you see before you and be grateful you still have the physical health to achieve it if your determined enough.

Thank you all for pushing me from behind and giving me something to aim at in front.

What’s your #sweatpledge
It’s easy to set your own Sweat Pledge. It doesn’t have to be cycling, just anything sporty that gets you sweaty.
Log onto Sweat Pledge website, the brain child of Kajsa Tylen GWR A Year In The Saddle and come and join our sweaty community. A community where we all support one another with encouragement and with our own Sweat Pledges in support of your sweaty challenge.

Make your pledge, be it to walk to work twice a week, take up a new sport, learn to swim, cycle round the park once a week, run a marathon or climb Everest, whatever gets you excited about getting sweaty, Pledge it. Let others know about your pledge on social media and invite them to join you.

Quiet country lanes of Wakefield Yorkshire

It doesn’t have to be a long term pledge. Why not, in support of my challenge pledge to do 1 sweaty thing before the end of October?
Jump up and down for 5 mins, do 30 sit ups … anything…. Just do it … you’ll be glad you did. This is my SweatPledge Page

Spread the word, work the pledge and show us your SWEAT!!!

Thank you for reading my blurb.
Cycle safe and smile … go on … you know you want to ….. smile!
Jo x

Strava where you’ll find all my rides.

#butwillbeworthit #chaseyourdreams #nomatterwhat #sweatpledge #breeze #breezenetwork #girlsonbikes #womeninsport http://www.sweatpledge.com

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