My September HSBC UK Breeze Rides

It’s been a bit of a difficult month having been off the bike for the best part of 3 weeks towards to end of August into early September. I won’t go into the bits of me that don’t work properly or keep getting ill. We all have our struggles in one form or another. What do they say? ….

….. Best pedal forward!!

The aforementioned is my excuse for not blogging since my Holme Moss triumph on 16th August. I know I’m a glory seeker!!

The good bits of September have far outweighed the bad and now, since it appears I am too bone idle to write, I thought I would show you my Breeze rides throughout September in picture format. Of course, it goes without saying I will offer up the odd load of waffle BUT I hope the images will show you what joy I take from representing and leading rides for British Cycling Let’s Ride HSBC UK Breeze

About HSBC UK Breeze
HSBC UK Breeze is British Cycling’s biggest programme ever to get more women into riding bikes for fun and fitness. Their aim is to help thousands more women feel confident and comfortable about going on a ride.
Cycling is becoming more and more popular in the UK at all levels and the proportion of women getting involved is steadily on the increase, thanks to initiatives like Breeze and British Cycling’s Women’s Strategy, with a vision to get one million more women on bikes by 2020.
They train up volunteer Breeze Champions who organise fun, social, local bike rides for women. Rides go at a speed that suits everyone and they often start or finish at a café so everyone can have a drink and a chat.

….And for those of you that are not a lady or if you are a lady but want to ride with mixed groups or family rides then go to Let’s Ride for more opportunities to…….

….Get on Your Bike and Ride!!!

Saturday 2nd SeptemberBreeze Wakefield Closed Circuit Ride
I began leading this Breeze session in June and it’s been a bit of a slog promoting the session which at persent is held once a month. Having spoken with Wakefield Council Wakefield Wellbeing I look forward to their support in promting the session to women in and around the Wakefield area.

The circuit is the perfect environment to learn cycling skills and gain confidence on a bike. From the 5 ladies who enjoyed the June session we now have 21 signed up for our next session on Saturday 7th October 10am-11am. If you would like to come along and see what all the fun is about you can book your FREE place HERE

I am also hoping to relay some good news about this session very soon!! Say tuned, I will post it on my Facebook Page Breeze Wakefield WWoBs It will also appear on HSBC UK Breeze

HSBC UK Breeze
Women of Diversity
HSCB UK Breeze
Like Peas in a Pod.

Monday 4th SeptemberBrownlee Centre Breeze Session
The Breeze sessions held at the Brownlee Centre Boddington Playing Fields, Lawnswood, Leeds began in June and have been an overwhelming success.
At the very first session held on 12th June 22 ladies enjoyed the freedom of the circuit and now looking forward to 1st October session we have 56 ladies chomping at the bit to enjoy ridings their bikes on this beautiful traffic free circuit. If you would like to join us for the next session book your FREE place HERE

#butwillbeworthit #breeze
These ladies are what Breeze is all about. Juana came then brought a friend, who brought her friend who brought her sister.
#butwillbeworthit #breeze
The lady at the back came to our first Let’s Ride Pop Up Event in July, to just ‘look’, without a bike and without confidence, now shes riding her own bike, gain confidence everytime she rides it and having FUN!
#butwillbeworthit #breeze
Bring a friend … make a friend
#butwillbeworthit #breeze
When using a fourth hand phone that fell off your bike twice and you rode over it twice, oh and your sweaty, camera now a bit … rubbish …!
#butwillbeworthit #breeze
When using a fourth hand phone that fell off your bike twice and you rode over it twice, oh and your sweaty, camera now a bit … rubbish …!
#butwillbeworthit #breeze
#cycling FUN #bikebuddies FUN

Sunday 10th SeptemberHSBC City Ride Leeds
The City Rides took place in cities across the country give everyone, old, young, abled, disabled, cyclists and non-cyclists the oportunity to experience cycling through their city on traffic free roads.
I attended as a volunteer helping out at the Hub and spreading the word of #Breeze . If you missed out this year fear not as they will be back to a city near you in 2018.

#butwillbeworthit #letsride
Had a lovely busy day working in the Cycle Inn information point with Let’s Ride Guide Ride Leaders Chris, Stephen, Mark & Mike
#butwillbeworthit #letsride
Olympic Bronze Medallist Katy Marchant & GB Team mate Sophie Capewell started City Ride Leeds 2017
#butwillbeworthit #letsride #breeze
Got to get our pictures on the starting line
#butwillbeworthit #letsride
A quick lap of City Ride Leeds before a busy day at the Cycle Inn
#butwillbeworthit #letsride
The Cycle Inn was busy all day with people filling there loyalty cards and redeeming them for a British Cycling Water Bottle
#butwillbeworthit #letsride
Lots of club cyclists joined us for a few circuits of the city including Jase and Ben from Calder Clarion CC in Wakefield
#butwillbeworthit #letsride
Lovely to get to meet Katy Marchant & Sophie Capewell
#butwillbeworthit #letsride
Katy Marchant & Sophie Capewell signing autographs
#butwillbeworthit #letsride
There’s lots of fun to be had on and off the bike at HSBC UK City Ride
#butwillbeworthit #letsride
Millennium Square Leeds played host to City Ride Leeds 2017

Monday 11th SeptemberBrownlee Centre Breeze Session
When available, the sessions are enhanced by Kim Meadows a British Cycling Go-Ride Coach. Her extensive knowledge and ease of teaching helps all who attend her sessions improve their cycling skills.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

#butwillbeworthit #breeze
A brilliant coaching seesion from Kim Meadows

Thursday 14th SeptemberGearing Up In The Park
A gentle potter in and around Thornes Park Wakefield learning how to use gears and brakes more efficiently. The park with a couple of short hills in the middle of it is the perfect traffic free enviroment for building confidence and skills.

Our first Gearing Up In The Park Breeze session Thornes Park Wakefield
Always time for a stop at the duck pond in Thornes Park wakefield

Monday 18th SeptemberBrownlee Centre Breeze Session
It rained and rained and rained BUT it didn’t stop these steadfast ladies enjoying a coaching session from the very wet and cold Kim Meadows, British Cycling Go-Ride coach.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thursday 21st SeptemberGearing Up In The Park
Making great progress in using gears and brakes efficiently in Thornes Park Wakefield whilst enjoying the Autumn colours.

Thursday 28th SeptemberGearing Up In The Park
Enjoying the sights and smells of Autumn on a Breeze cycle session in your local park, what could be better.

Safe cycling in Thornes Park Wakefield for our Breeze Gearing Up In The Park ride

#Breeze Ride Gearing Up in The Park 280917 (18)

Bike hire available in Thornes Park Wakefield

As i Breezed through September, the Breeze of the seasons cycle of life changed gear with me.

If you would like to learn more about Breeze Rides – Cycle rides for women only lead by women – click the link Breeze Rides It will open up a whole new world of cycling opportunities and support.

See you out on a ride soon!

Cycle safe and smile … go on .. you know you want to!
Thank you fo rreading my blurb
British Cycling Breeze Champion and trier on a bike.

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