Breeze WWoBs Canal and Colliery

I can’t put into words how much joy I feel seeing people gain confidence with every bike ride they make.

After our 8.5 mile cycle last week the ladies asked if I could take them a little further. That was music to my ears. By the ladies themselves requesting a longer ride it shows how much they are growing in confidence and ability.

It was quite a test for the ladies. Not only did we cycle further, the route being 10 miles, but the route was hillier then they had cycled before and took in road sections, which is always a test for new cyclists.

I kept the road sections short, about 0.5 mile at a time. It takes a lot out of you when you are a little apprehensive negotiating roads. The concentration required can be draining so short sections are a more manageable approach.

We had 3 on road sections which the ladies rode beautifully, keeping a good line away from the kerb and not appearing to be too put off when traffic past.

but will be worth it
From South Washlands Nature Reserve you can view the impressive Wakefield Hydro Electric Dam
but will be worth it
Sophia .. wy do they call it the Blue Bridge … Me, because it’s Blue and it’s a Bridge …

Wanting to get the ladies used to the traffic noise but not wanting to overload the route with road sections we enjoyed a 2mile section on the new, and beautiful tarmac, Wakefield Eastern Relief Road. A lovely wide dedicated cycle path which runs the whole length of the relief road, only spoilt by having to cross over the road midway along, as the powers that be deem it too complex to run a continuous cycle path of 2 miles (my little dig, BUT I’m sure there is a justifiable reason why the cycle path could not run as a continuous cycle path on one side of the road without adding a danger element to the route?).

but will be worth it
Testing the balance and coordination riding 2 abreast
but will be worth it
Testing the balance and coordination riding 2 abreast

Another challenging aspect to our ride was the weather! Chilly? Yes. Freezing? Most defiantly!!

It was our digits that got it. Chilly fingers and toes. My lack of knowledge to the group … the Inuit people of Alaska flick their hands and feet to help circulation they don’t stamp their feet and clap their hands … so with this newly imparted knowledge we played our version of Simply Simon Says ….

… Jo says flick your left foot … Jo says flick your right hand …….

Add it to your rides, it’s fun, helps balance and keeps your digits moving. And so enduth the lesson!!

but will be worth it
Playing Simple Jo Says to keep our digits warm
but wil be worth it
Bit of arest in Walton Nature Reserve
but will be worth it
A warm welcome to Sally a new Breeze Champion in Pontefract area.
but will be worth it
What better way to finish a Breeze ride than to enjoy the beautiful scenery on your way home.

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Thank you for reading my blurb
Cycle safe and smile
Jo x

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