A Giggle of Breezers

Had a brilliant HSBC UK Breeze ride today. You know when everyone is in a chatty mischievous mood!? Which means giggles from start to finish.

Couldn’t go out with The Wednesdays for a ride yesterday as I woke up totally fatigued with this virus thing that seems to keep rearing then going and rearing and going again. Shall I go, shall I not!?!? So glad I decided against … 45 miles through wind, rain, sleet and snow, would have finished me off. Great ride from The Wednesday thought, well done guys.

I was looking forward to todays Breeze ride but a little worried that I would fatigue midway.
Due to the weather, overnight rain and 2 degrees, I thought it best I go check out the route to ensure it wasn’t treacherous.

Strava Ride: Morning Reccy

BUT will be worth it
Beautiful morning for cycling

So as not to go into information overload, each week I offer up hints and techniques for cycling. Obviously, these are not ‘my’ hints and techniques, me still learning how to ride a bike properly myself, but tried and tested techniques for group riding and using hand signals, with added nuggets of information that have been bestowed on me by proper cyclists.

BUT will be worth it
One hand signal we all know!

HSBC UK Breese ride Pugneys to Walton Nature Reserve Loop 010218 (9)

….it only takes one .. and the rest follow!!… not saying which one!

Hand signals … all know how to do this
Pointing to floor obstructions, went well … pot holes, glass, etc …..

…BUT, put your hand behind your back and point to left or right and that’s it!!! The naughtiness happens!! .. And you can guess which direction their 2 fingers were pointing, and it wasn’t straight across!!

BUT will be worth it
Think the girls may be taking the pith with their hand signals
BUT will be worth it
Point to the left ladies … not up!!

Thoroughly lovely ride. Had a great time.

It’s a lovely route if you don’t want to go on too many road sections. The route, being circular can be started at any point. We started from Pugneys Water and Country Park, through Thornes Park, round the back of the Hepworth Gallery, across the Fall Ings canal basin, up through Southern Washland woods to Heath, down Heath to Doncaster Road, on to Walton Nature Reserves, down to Sandal Agbrigg train station then back way into Pugneys.

Strava Route: Pugneys to Walton Nature Reserve Loop

BUT will be worth it
And we’re off!

Ladies, fancy joining us for a Breeze ride?
I do rides Monday evenings and Thursday mornings. Check out some of my rides below.

Monday 5th Feb – 6pm-7pm: Wakefield Closed Circuit Ride
Thursday 8th Feb – 10am-12.30pm: 6 Ride Series 12+ miles
Monday 12th Feb – 6pm-7pm: Gearing Up In Thornes Park
Thursday 15th Feb – 10am-12.30pm: 6 Ride Series 12+ miles

When you ride in a group you don’t always realise how much it helps you. As soon as I set off homeward after our breeze ride I felt it …. Fatigue!
I could have gone straight home, about 3 miles, BUT I wanted to check out a track for The Wednesdays to see if we could cut through to Asda from the back of Pugneys (yes we can guys!). It was only 6 miles BUT blinking nora it felt like 20!

 ….absolute slog home…

I think I will have to have yet another quiet weekend in the hope that my virus ridden body with soon expel the demon within!… oh, and the virus will go too!!

Strava: Torturous ride Home

Thank you for reading my blub.

Cycle safe and smile… go on you know you want to!
Jo x

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