A Year That Wasn’t

2017 A pretty good year for me as far as cycling goes BUT I could have done so much better.

It’s quality not quantity BUT I did cycle more mile last year than ever before, ending with 3139 under my wheels BUT should have done better, hence challenging myself to 4000miles this year.

What’s that saying, it’s not how you start BUT how you finish!? My finish to 2017 wasn’t the best …. Yes I’m going to rake it up again ….. 3 Crash Wednesday… a day I’m not going to forget too easily, more for the sheer embarrassment of falling off 3 times on a single ride, with my Wednesday buddies having to pick me up again and again and sherpa me to the finish.

2018 has felt like one long drag, not just on BUT also off the bike. All the cycling adventures I had planned were dropped in the cavernous cycling pot hole of despair, dramatic I know BUT for me it’s been such a frustrating none starter of a year.

I have never fully recovered from ‘3 Crash Wednesday’, top that with more infections than you can throw a scab at, coming off AGAIN 11th September, lethargy and the crowning glory ailment of idolitis and you have the perfect excuse for doing far less than you expect of yourself.

Last year I made a Sweat Pledge to cycle everyday throughout the month of October and asked my cycling buddies, and anyone else for that matter to cycle with me.

What a fantastic month it was. I lost count of the number of people I rode with, my Breeze ladies, The Wednesdays, I shouldn’t pick any one individual out as I love cycling with everyone of them BUT……

…. Sandie W met me straight from work one night, still wearing full work gear which consisted of heavy work coat, rucksack, boots and the rest. We had an ace ride, laughing and gassing all the way. Finished the ride in Thornes Park with the backdrop of an orange red sky, beautiful.

but worth it
Sandie joining me on a ride straight from work still wearing all her heavy work gear!

….. Jane P, a fellow Sweat Pledger BUT someone I had never met before travelled from Nottingham to cycle with me. What a beautiful ride we had. I took Jane on a tour of Wakefield, mainly the art sites where you will see some of the best (sanctioned) Graffiti art anywhere. From that first ‘hello, you must be Jane’ we were in for a great ride. Laughed and chatted all the way.

but worth it
Jane and i on our Tour de Wakefield, laughing all the way!

….. Mick ‘mountain goat’ H, trekked up from Nottingham to impart his climbing knowledge upon me. What a lovely way he has of coaching. You don’t feel like you are being coached. You know those tranquillity tapes you put on going to sleep?, the soft tone of Mick’s voice as you are climbing makes your pedal action smoother and your body relax. And yes, I got up the hills quicker and smoother than ever before.

but worth it
Mick … smooth and easy up those hillys … gentleman

As I said, it is unfair to pick names out as EVERY person I cycled with has improved me as a cyclist and I hope as a human being.

Sweat Pledge October
It’s October 2018 and I’m challenging myself again to cycle everyday throughout October.

Body and mind not in the best of health BUT cycling, especially cycling with buddies is the best tonic … better than Indian Tonic Water!

Last October I managed 596 miles in the month. This time I’m not going to try to beat the miles or even match them. My challenge this year is simply to cycle everyday.

Last year I set a minimum of 10 miles per day. This year, simply to cycle everyday.

Last year I cycled with loads of people (can’t remember how many wonderful people I cycled with and my lethargy won’t allow me to look back and get the figure). This year I hope to meet up and cycle with as many of my cycle support system as possible. I’d like to thank them for the continued support they unconditionally lay upon me.

1st October
Should have posted this yesterday but my idolitis was playing up so it is with announcing my October Sweat Pledge challenge that I say thank you to my Breeze cycling ladies that came to the circuit session last night to kick off my challenge with a windy ride (not my windy!).

Thank you, Di, Diane, Emma, Gill, Julie, Rachel, Sarah, Vicky.

BUT worth it
My HSCB UK Breeze ladies get me off to a great October Sweat Pledge challenge start

Want to come a keep me company on a ride in October? (bear in mind they will be slow and steady ones at the moment) Then please drop me a line so we can arrange something.

Meet up weekend
In process of arranging a cycling/activity weekend here in beautiful Yorkshire. Weekend of 27-28th October. Give me a shout if you’re interested in a big social. More details to follow.

Looking back stops you in your tracks.

May you always cycle forward in the knowledge that there will be someone up ahead waiting to help you carry on and always someone behind helping get you there.

Thank you for reading my blurb.

Cycle safe and smile, go on you know you want to!
Jo x

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