Back Here Again

Will I Ever Learn??

Eat, sleep, repeat, eat, sleep, repeat, eat, sleep, repeat …… yep, one thing i’m good at. So here i go again paying for my gluttony.

The Pain Of Gluttony

I don’t even want to label this as ‘day one’ as that implies there are days to follow BUT who knows this could be the first and the last.

I’m not setting an exercise/training schedule, that’s only adding pressure. Doing something whenever is better than doing nothing all the time.

As for a food diary… not on your nelly!! I know what i shovel in, i know what’s good stuff, i know what’s bad stuff. Again added pressure.

I’ll eat what’s in the cupboard, not all at once obviously, and slowly replace with better stuff. Crikey, i hated myself enough at the gluttony stage why carry on punishing myself now.

Slowly changing eating habits i believe is more sustainable. I can fool myself into believing nothing has changed and before i know it, all fresh yummy stuff will appear on the plate.

Slowly adding exercise/movement, again, i believe for me to be a more sustainable way to an active healthy life. Going hell for leather everyday/every other day is not something that fills me with glee.

If i fancy flinging my legs over my head in some aerobic pose (do people still do aerobics or is it all sweaty yoga and bendy Pilates?) i will, if not i wont.

Perhaps by playing a bit of reverse psychology on myself i will want to exercise more and eat healthier …

Ride on Strava:

Big thanks to Jay for the lone of the Tacx Flow Turbo Trainer

See you next time i’m active.

Keep happy, smile, go on you know you want to!! Jo

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