It’s All About ME

It’s All About ME

Hello and thank you for sparing your time to read my blurb. Things on here are my thoughts and my opinions. I am not an expert in any field anywhere. Just because I say ‘I do it this way’ or ‘I did that’ doesn’t mean it’s right or safe or of benefit, it’s just what I do, did or said.

I am the ultimate ‘used to’ girl.
I can tell you everything I ‘used to do’ especially with regards to sport. ‘I used to’ … play hockey, play squash, judo, circuit train, ride a bike, walk, swim, video workout every day.
Let me tell you what I do NOW …. … … … … thinking ….. .. … .. .. . err .. … NOTHING!

I can singing my own praises of yesteryear all day long but to look at me today it’s hard to believe. How could I let myself go and not just go but GO in spectacular fashion. I have as many excuses for my state of health as I have fat content, and I have a lot of fat content.

I constantly flick the switch from self-destruct to self-preservation in a vain attempt to live for a few more years than I am predicted to do in my present state. It’s my challenge, to improve my quality of life with regards to health and wellbeing.

I’m not a successful person (each of us measure success in different ways, in my version of successful measurements, I am not). If things are going well I have the uncanny ability of falling on the self-destruct button. I don’t know why I do it or even how I do it, I just do.

Anyway enough about what ‘used to be’ that’s in the past and can’t be changed. What I can change is the outlook ahead.

Cycling, Gardening, Making ……….

Onward and let’s see how far I get on the slippery road to a healthier life.