Fit Camp !!!!?? Aaargh!!

Fit Camp !!!!?? Aaargh!!

My first exercise class in …. can’t remember …..

Body Shock!!!!! Give me 30 miles on a bike any day … what the HECK!!! I don’t remember sweating this much EVER!!!

My Herbalife friend Emma suggested I go along and take a look (well I think she meant join in) at 24 FREE Fit Camp. It’s run locally at Kettlethorpe School in Wakefield by Julie & Chris Pearson, Ry Williams and a group of about 6 other great helpers.

I thought it a great idea. I loved circuit training ‘back in the day’ so I donned by trainers, legs and polo shirt, the exercise uniform I have had for about 20 years and off I went. A bit nervous as I really didn’t want to make a complete nit of myself.

Arrived first with another new starter, we got chatting about why we were there and what our aim was in exercising. She said she wanted to lose weight, I asked why, she, so I can fit into my cloths … in my head my ‘now’ positive outlook was say, NO you don’t want to lose weight you want to lose inches.

A lot of us group healthy living, toning, feeling good, getting fit and looking good together with losing weight. It’s as though losing those magic few pounds or even stones will suddenly make us live, feel and be healthier.

Hey, if I could lose a dress size by toning I would take that any day above losing weight. (I’ve said this before, I am NOT an expert in any field so these are my own thoughts, seek professional help).

24 FREE Fit Camp, This is a fitness group I will be going back to. The wheezing, the groaning, the noise, the crying … and that we just me! Was worth every ounce of sweat.

It’s a great group with no pressure to do EVERYTHING but you are encouraged to, squat a bit low, hold the plank a bit long, squat thrust a bit faster, all encouraging words. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. Thank you Clara C for guiding me through my first session. It was a pleasure to meet you. I’ll be seeing you next week!!

Fit Camp….. Loved it!! It was bloody hard work and at times I thought I was going to throw up or pass out but the feeling I got when I finished was BRILLIANT!! I rushed off to Rock Choir straight after and sang my little heart out (well some might call it screeching). I felt so energetic.

Being fit and healthy helps in so many ways. Got to Rock Choir Wakefield and told my wonderful choir leader Naomi where I had been, first thing she said …. It will help build your lung capacity to breathe better whilst singing. YES! Another bonus I’d never even thought about in my quest to lead a healthier life.

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The face of determination or just trying not to throw up?!

P.S: Just been asked if i’m aching by Fit camp Julie, my reply word for word …. ‘Not too bad, it’s just across my shoulders and chest from with those bloody planks!! Oh and my stomach and my legs and my ….. Yep aching!! Loved it!’

Thank you for reading
Exercise safe and always ask your doctor’s advice
Jo x

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