Can’t Afford Bike Stand?

We are working hard to get our bikes, kit, food, and tools ready for our C2C (Coast to Coast) bike ride this weekend.

We have bought a few new things of late, mainly my beautiful new steed! Yippeee!!
We don’t have money to waste and when you have something already that can do the job…. Use it!!!


Bike Stand Homemade
BUT will be worth it
Bike Stand Home Made

Ingredients – These are all things we had already
Bay Tree or any handy sturdy tree
2 x Large Hooks
1 x Drill
Pipe Lagging

Locate sturdy tree – asking owner for permission to drill
Drill 1 whole per hook – ensuring the drill bit is not wider than the hook tread
Cover hooks in pipe lagging – so as not to scratch bike

Advantage – of homemade bike stand
FREE– if using items already in stock
It comes with a FREE sun/rain canopy if your tree is large enough

Don’t for get to send me your pictures of your own homemade bikestands!

Thank you for reading
Happy bob-a-jobbing
Jo x

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