2016 Success ?

I have had a very inspirational weekend (well, not just this weekend) BUT several things came to a head this weekend and got me thinking.

A combination of two inspirational women, inspirational for very different reasons, have lead me to put my pedals into gear and do something worthwhile in 2017.

The whole point of starting my ‘It’s NOT going to be pretty getting there BUT will be worth it’ blog last January was to get myself fit and feeling better about myself and life. I thought that if i spoke about it and put it out there then i would have more chance of succeeding. It sort of worked.

I have been far more active than i would have been had I not blogged BUT have I succeeded in my aim of getting fitter and feeling healthier?

My whole year has been one of fits and starts. Fit to drop and Start to feel fit. Consistency is the key and I haven’t managed to conquer that.

My body is a wreck. I have had more than a few injuries (not from the bike). Getting up from a chair and twisting my ankle damaging muscles and ligaments then doing the same thing on the same ankle a week later. (you would have thought I would have learnt the first time! Things like that that niggle the body and annoy your mind.

Anyway the long and short of it is the physio says I’m ok to cycle, His words: ‘yes you can start cycling again but stay on the flat and no hills’ … long pause … ‘yes I realise you live in Wakefield but try avoid hills’. Even our garden slopes!!!!!!

I thought I would just give you the heads up to keep an eye out as once the planning is all done I will let you know about my 2017 challenge! And it’s a blinking BIG one for me!!!

Cycle safe and be happy
Thanks for reading my blurb
Jo x

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